AnswerBar: Providing the Right Mix of HR Knowledge to SMBs in Canada

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What do you call an HR Knowledge firm that’s led by two amazing women? A win-win for companies looking for top-class HR services in Canada, isn’t it? Well, AnswerBar does just the same. Co-founded by two amazing women, Stephanie Lyster and Allison Guld, AnswerBar Canada provides on-demand access to HR Knowledge for businesses in Canada. Their aim is to support all those small and medium-sized businesses that are not able to mend the gap in the industry.

About the Founders

Profile photo of Allison Guld
Allison Guld, COO / Co-founder at AnswerBar

After finishing her BCom degree in Marketing and Human Resources from The University of British Columbia, she worked in the HR department of several companies for more than 15 years. After gaining the much-needed experience in the field, she started with AnswerBar, along with Stephanie. Her tenure with some of the global giants like Ernst & Young, MDA and, Blast Radius honed her entrepreneurial skills and she is now considered to be a high-performing recruiter in her own recruitment agency.

Profile photo of Stephanie Lyster
Stephanie Lyster, CEO / Co-Founder at AnswerBar 

Stephanie, the Co-founder of AnswerBar, is a strategic HR professional with more than 12 years of experience in various corporate HR roles. She identifies and implements strategic HR solutions which include performance management, workforce planning. Recruitment and change management. She worked in some of the high-growth companies and gained experience in building people infrastructure. She firmly believes that HR should not be a cost function for companies but a strategic partner towards acquiring performance, cultural influence and preservation.

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About the Company

Allison and Stephanie co-founded AnswerBar (Amui Inc) in an attempt to change the way businesses interact with Human Resources. In 2019, they launched AnswerBar, an application that provides on-demand access to vast HR knowledge. This application is like having an HR expert having your back, that too at an amazingly low cost.

The Founders of AnswerBar always felt that the industries lacked in having an affordable and reliable substitute to traditional HR. More so, for the small and medium enterprises, there has been a huge gap in HR recruitment processes. Companies are often exposed to monetary and legal risks which are involved with poor decision-making caused by the lack of proper HR knowledge. However, not every business can afford a full-time HR Generalist who can help them make the hiring processes better and streamlined. In this regard, AnswerBar has an answer. Both Stephanie and Allison provide a centralized human-to-human platform with cross-references of provincial employment standards.

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