10 Biggest Time Wasters That is killing Your Productivity

10 Biggest Time Wasters That is killing Your Productivity

Regretting over not completing your tasks for the day? Well, have you ever looked at why this might be happening? Why is it that on many occasions you fail to complete your duties and pile up files over files to take home and work at the weekend so that you can catch up on your schedule? The reason behind this unproductivity can be many and it may find roots in your daily habits. Therefore, in this article, we will look at some of the biggest time wasters that are killing your productivity. Let’s get started!

Too Much Social Media

“Oh, this is the last meme I’ll share, and then I’ll get back to work”, “Let me quickly check how many likes my recent Instagram post received”, “Should I check what’s trending on Twitter before starting on the next article?” There you go, the list never ends. It goes on and on and on! Just like that, you waste hours at a stretch and the day is over, right before you lifted your head from the phone’s screen!

Social media takes up an unthinkable percentage of our time. That time, if utilized at the right places instead, could have been more productive. Therefore, keep us a check on your social media habits. Make a point to not check your notifications repeatedly, unless there’s something important. Detox and you’ll find that you have more time in your hand than ever before!

Not Following a Routine

We can’t even stress how important it is to have a routine life. Not following a proper routine can not just impact your work but also your productivity. Additionally, it can cause serious health issues in the future. Staying up late sure sounds fun, but what if you have work the next day? How do you think you’ll function with a lack of sleep and rest? No wonder, your productivity is compromised. Not following a routine will start the chain reaction of delays and procrastination, from where there’s no going back.

Checking Emails Constantly

If you didn’t receive something important five minutes ago, the chances of you getting something five minutes later will also remain the same. So, checking your emails every single minute will definitely not change anything. As per a report published in Washington Post (2016), “we spend an average of 4.1 hours checking our work email each day. That’s 20.5 hours each week, more than 1,000 hours each year, more than 47,000 hours over a career.” Yes, the numbers are shocking! If only we stayed focused on our work during that time, things can be very different!

Unnecessary Meetings

Unnecessary zoom meetings or calls are also one of the reasons why you fail to be productive at work. So, while you’re at it, keep a check on the meetings that you have, evaluate if you are really needed or do you have any role to play, and then plan ahead.


10 Biggest Time Wasters That is killing  Your Productivity

Multitasking sure is a skill. However, at times, you may need to settle down and work on one thing at a time. But if you fail to do so and have a couple of tasks up to your sleeve at the same time, you may miss out on something important. There you go, all that effort down the drain!

Too Many Tools

While there are many tools and extensions that make our tasks easy every single day, have you ever wondered if it’s more than you need? Well, looks like it might be! Also, it might as well be killing your productivity. How do you ask? Continuous prompts of correcting something, making a change in the voice, making a change in the paragraphs, etc, all at the same time. What if you mess up something important? Maybe try cutting down on what you don’t need and see if it makes any difference?

Not Automating Recurring Task

PomoDone App spells it out correctly, “A lot of the tasks you do can be done automatically and much quicker if you only allow it to happen. These are the recurring tasks you do every day (especially the ones that are the cause of your boredom at work). Look for ways that you can automate such tasks or be done with them faster. Create templates for the emails you send out and set timers for your coffee to be made. There are so many ways you can make your life easier.” Indeed, we say!

Saying “Yes” to Everything

Are you not taking up a lot on yourself by saying yes to everything that you are asked to do? How can you work on your tasks, cover-up for your friend who might be late, and take up a bunch of more tasks on top of all this and still hope to stay productive? Maybe try saying no to unnecessary things so that you don’t overburden yourself?

Being Indecisive

10 Biggest Time Wasters That is killing  Your Productivity

Being Indecisive is the root cause of any unproductive day at work, home, or even school. If you feel you are slacking, maybe look within and find out if you take too much time “making up your mind” in doing something. And then you end up doing something completely different therefore wasting your time and compromising your productivity.

Postponing Harder Tasks

We often tend to leave the harder tasks for later and complete the easier ones first. Consider for once how much time you waste on deciding which is easier, which is harder and which one you should work on first. Since someone else will most probably not work on it for you, therefore it is better that you get it done as soon as you lay your hands on it.

To Wrap It Up

There you go fellas, these are some of the habits that you can evaluate and then work on if you feel that you, too, are lacking in productivity. Trust us, it’ll not only spike up your productivity meter to the max but also make your life much easier! If you need more information about the same, you can subscribe to the CanadianSME Small Business magazine, the perfect place to clear all your doubts!

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