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CanadianSME Small Business Magazine Nov 2023
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Empowering Canadian

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All the reasons why a .CA domain is the perfect fit for your website

Great business idea? Check.
Memorable earworm of a name? Heck yes
Hang on, hang on—are you a Canadian business building a website for a Canadian audience? Then let us show you all the reasons why .CA is one of the most powerful pairs of letters you can put to the right of the dot in your website domain name.

From Local to Global: Unveiling SMEs Digital Transformation with Natasha Walji

In a recent conversation with the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine, Natasha Walji, Managing Director Google Customer Solutions Canada, Google, delved deep into her commitment towards bolstering Canada’s SME ecosystem. Reflecting on her personal connection to SMEs through her parents’ businesses, she passionately champions digital transformation for them, using Google’s AI-powered advertising solutions. Discussing trends, Natasha noted the merging realms of online and in-store shopping, with 92% of Canadians researching online before in-store purchases. The expansive reach of e-commerce has also transformed local retailers into global entities. Speaking on AI in retail, she emphasized how Google’s AI tools, such as Performance Max, enable SMEs to achieve their campaign targets effortlessly.

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine Nov 2023

Business Woman of the Month

Pioneering Clean Energy Solutions and Empowering Women in STEM

Karen is the President and Founder of KPM Power Inc, a Toronto based company, focused on lithium-ion battery solutions, and specializing in Battery Management Systems. She is an ardent supporter of the advancement and implementation of clean technologies is committed to fueling these initiatives to get to market. 

Karen is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years experience in supply chain and program management. She is also passionate about encouraging and empowering more women and other underrepresented groups in STEM, and supporting initiatives and programs that remove the barriers to affordable food, shelter and education, so that every individual can have the right to focus on reaching their potential.
Business Woman of the Month - Karen Lai

Women Entrepreneurship

Get to Know More on Grants

Explore this section for a range of grants, financial assistance, and opportunities tailored for small to midsize businesses in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

5 Steps to Building a Compelling Value Proposition

5 Steps to Building

A strong value proposition is essential for success in the...

RBC’s Take on the Evolving Landscape of Canadian Entrepreneurship

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine recently spoke with Don Ludlow, Vice President of Small Business, Strategy & Partnerships at RBC, about the evolving entrepreneurial landscape amidst economic challenges. Despite these hurdles, RBC’s survey highlights a persistent Canadian spirit of entrepreneurship, with a notable surge in Quebec and among younger generations like Gen Z and Millennials.
Amidst advice on navigating financial challenges, Don emphasizes the importance of thorough planning, leveraging digital tools, and seeking expert advice, recommending entrepreneurs to explore RBC’s Starting a Business online hub for resources.
How to boost cyber resilience based on what cyber criminals want

How to boost cyber

By Suzy Clarke, Executive General Manager of Security at...

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Empowering Canadian Small & Medium Enterprises.

CanadianSME Business Magazine was created through the passion and admiration for entrepreneurs. With SMEs playing such a crucial role in Canada’s business industry and contributing greatly to the economy, CanadianSME was built to provide a much-needed support system for hard-working business owners.

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine

CanadianSME is the premier and most relevant platform for SMEs in Canada. We highlight growing businesses and thought leaders with a
strong focus on innovation, growth, and marketing to generate the results you believe you are capable of.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Black Entrepreneurship

Corine Sobela’s Journey with AFI Épicerie

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine interviewed Corine Sobela, the visionary owner of AFI Épicerie in Longueuil, Québec, renowned for its African and Island/Caribbean delicacies. Corine detailed her entrepreneurial odyssey leading to the store’s inception and its niche specialization. A proud recipient of the Emerging Black Entrepreneur Award at the Rock My Business Start-Up Awards, she discussed how this accolade and her association with Futurpreneur’s program have influenced her business mindset. Corine has ambitious plans to reinvest the award funds to uplift customer experience, boost AFI Épicerie’s online footprint, and introduce strategies for customer retention. Acknowledging the RBC Foundation’s role in fostering Canadian youth, she emphasized how initiatives like Rock My Business, in tandem with Futurpreneur, are revolutionizing opportunities for budding Canadian entrepreneurs.

LGBTQ+ Businesses

49 Dzine: A Journey of Passion, Inclusivity, and Representation

J. Nathan Rainy, the dynamic Owner and Executive Director of 49 Dzine, opened up about his journey as an LGBTQ entrepreneur. Nathan emphasized his brand’s fervent commitment to celebrating and integrating the LGBTQ community within their operations and the wider industry.

CanadianSME Small Business Podcast

Canada Business Talks

Take your business to the next level by connecting with Canadian Business Leaders through the Canada Business Talks series, in association with RBC and UPS.

Canada Business Talks is for the people who keep the vision to alter the business world, and individuals handling small business firms have an impetus. We are talking about business apprentices, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking for proficient guidance and recommendations for running an efficient syndicate.