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Reinventing Safety Standards: The New Era of Workplace Compliance

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine recently interviewed Mark Bania, the Co-Founder & CEO of Contractor Compliance, a trailblazing figure in the SaaS industry. Mark opened up about his journey of co-founding a cloud-based contractor management platform designed to simplify and democratize compliance processes. At the core of his leadership philosophy is empowering team members to solve intricate customer issues while keeping investor interests at the forefront.

Over half of Gen Z Canadians see themselves as better suited to start a business than earlier generations

Over half of Gen

As Canadians get ready for the back-to-school season, a new...

Small Business Canada

How to Use Social Media

For businesses and people trying to achieve certain objectives, such...

Business Woman of the Month

Sophia Jacob is an award-winning experienced event planner, marketing strategist & community organizer with specialties in fundraising for non-profit organizations & brand promotion for small businesses. Sophia is a navigator & relationship broker.
Sophia is the President of Sophia J Events which is a boutique event planning & marketing firm that provides consulting services, social media, PR communications, coordination, logistics, brand awareness, and community management, & acts as a liaison for b2b relations and strategic partnerships for small businesses & non-profit organizations.

Women Entrepreneurship

Small Business Canada

How to Foster Innovation

Small enterprises frequently serve as innovative bulwarks in Canada’s vibrant...

Embracing the Technological Revolution: How AI Will Reshape Tech and Digital Marketing Education

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer across various industries.
Technology and digital marketing, in particular, stand at the forefront of this revolution, where AI is actively reshaping how we approach teaching and learning in these fields.

CanadianSME Small Business Magazine

CanadianSME is the premier and most relevant platform for SMEs in Canada. We highlight growing businesses and thought leaders with a
strong focus on innovation, growth, and marketing to generate the results you believe you are capable of.


Empowering Canadian Small & Medium Enterprises.

CanadianSME Business Magazine was created through the passion and admiration for entrepreneurs. With SMEs playing such a crucial role in Canada’s business industry and contributing greatly to the economy, CanadianSME was built to provide a much-needed support system for hard-working business owners.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Black Entrepreneurship

Black Moms Connection: More Than A Community For The Black Moms

Black Moms Connection is a community of more than 20,000 that started as a Facebook group in 2015 to be a safe space to positively impact many Black families’ livelihoods.

The community started out as a safe space for Black women to connect, share, and unite in a Facebook group with 12 women in Toronto. By the spring of 2016, they were an organization of 4000. By the fall of 2016, they had incorporated as a non-profit in Canada to take the conversations offline and ensure that everything they do is tangible and has the maximum impact.

Today, Black Moms Connection is an online global village of almost 30,000, with chapters in various North American cities and Asia.

LGBTQ+ Businesses

49 Dzine: A Journey of Passion, Inclusivity, and Representation

J. Nathan Rainy, the dynamic Owner and Executive Director of 49 Dzine, opened up about his journey as an LGBTQ entrepreneur. Nathan emphasized his brand’s fervent commitment to celebrating and integrating the LGBTQ community within their operations and the wider industry.

CanadianSME Small Business Podcast

Canada Business Talks

Take your business to the next level by connecting with Canadian Business Leaders through the Canada Business Talks series, in association with RBC and UPS.

Canada Business Talks is for the people who keep the vision to alter the business world, and individuals handling small business firms have an impetus. We are talking about business apprentices, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and people looking for proficient guidance and recommendations for running an efficient syndicate.

CanadianSME Video Podcast

Welcome to the CanadianSME podcast, a podcast for Canadian Small Businesses. In our podcasts, we interview Canadian experts and entrepreneurs to give small business owners access to expert knowledge that helps them grow their enterprises. Our mission is to empower Canadian small and medium enterprises and help them reach a bigger audience through our platform. Calling upon some of the most successful subject matter experts in the industry, the small business podcasts aim at identifying issues and finding solutions, all this while helping the business owners.