10 Canadian Black-Led Businesses That You Can Support in 2022

10 Canadian Black-Led Businesses That You Can Support in 2022

Every dollar you spend represents a vote for the type of world you want to see. So why not cast your vote for equality? Unfortunately, not only are Black company owners twice as likely as white business owners to be denied loans, but the epidemic has also struck them the worst. Therefore, it is important to consider where you shop. The good news is that many excellent Black-owned Canadian businesses are offering robust and one-of-a-kind products that are well worth your money.

Of course, in an age of Amazon and big-box retailers, locating Black-led small businesses across Canada might be difficult, but here are we attempting to bring them to light. This helpful classified list of Black-led Canadian businesses deserves your support all year long, not just during BHM (Black History Month).

Rated " the United Nations of Bags" - Find Your Perfect Match – blk-ed
  • Blk-ed

Alexzandria and her four-year-old daughter, Samia, co-own Blk-ed, which was founded in May 2020. It has already established a remarkable reputation for stocking some of the year’s most popular bags and accessories. Alexzandria creates bags that are both attractive and functional. 

More significantly, her ambition is to represent minorities and the beauty and power of Canada’s various populations. As a result, each design is one-of-a-kind and hand-drawn. She creates sketches and colour palettes before collaborating with other artists of colour to complete the works. They also sell goods with characters in various skin tones so that everyone feels represented.

  • NancyK Boutique

Nancy Kazumba is the creative behind NancyK Boutique, a one-stop-shop for everything (bags, lipsticks, clothes, shoes, and accessories). They are committed to providing people with the greatest goods possible, emphasizing three characteristics: originality, reliability, and customer service. Their primary concentration is on women’s clothing, but they also sell children’s and men’s clothing and other trendy things. 

NancyK Boutique wants to make every transaction a joyful experience, making you look your best. They believe that looking nice makes you feel good. As a result, you’re more likely to do good for others around you. Thus, NancyK Store is ideal for a fashionista to construct the perfect outfit.

  • Le Club Boujee

This streetwear label does not follow trends, but instead creating timeless pieces for anybody to love. Meshia and Dee from Toronto created Le Club Boujee in 2019. They combine their unique designs, abilities, and broad understanding of the fashion business. Their objective is to create premium goods that are both sustainable and comfortable. 

Le Club Boujee now sells grey, white, off-white, and black unisex hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, and sweatpants. The emblem is discreet in the front on crewnecks and hoodies but prominent and expanded in a circle at the rear. The design is basic but eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t want to stand out too much but yet wants to be noticed. Their brand also appeals to those who care about the environment since their t-shirts are created from environmentally safe materials.

  • Adoniaa Beauty

Adnoiaa Beauty, founded by Adedoyin Omotara, is a makeup and skincare company. Adedoyin’s principles are strongly aligned with the company’s ideals, and she believes in investing in the power of women and girls’ ambitions. Adoniaa is more than just another cosmetic brand for her and her consumers; it is nothing short of a revolution. 

She founded ADONIAA to broaden the dialogue around beauty, self-esteem, and empowerment. She founded ADONIAA to serve as a platform for lifting and empowering women and girls at all stages of their life. Adoniaa Beauty believes women are multifaceted, and all are unique. The goal of ADONIAA is to broaden people’s perceptions of what genuine beauty looks like.

  • Irie Herbz Apothecary

J Mitchell is the founder of Irie Herbz Apothecary ®, a completely black-owned business in Toronto, Canada. It is an online beauty shop that sells vegan cosmetics, including lipgloss and lipstick, herbal tea, apparel, genderless merch, silk and satin hair products, and smartwatches. All their products are cruelty-free, making them a good-for-the-planet company.

  • dr LIZA

Dr. Liza Egbogah is on her mission to help females live their best lives by providing them with pain-free shoes and purses that look as good as they feel. She aspires to inspire women to prioritize their health without abandoning their passion for fashion. Dr. LIZA shoes and bags are created to last as a wardrobe staple by employing the best quality materials and professional craftsmanship. Comfy is now fashionable and cool – just like it should be. 

All dr LIZA shoes and purses are manufactured using Brazilian leather of the greatest quality, with stunning royal blue accents. A revolutionary design that reduces the impact on your body. dr LIZA shoes are probably the only flats and heels that are clinically tested using 3D gait scan tech to ensure that your overall body weight is distributed evenly and your feet are perfectly cushioned to prevent pressure points, making you look and feel great.

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  • White Rhino

The face behind White Rhino Bags, Claire Carreras is completely transforming the fashion business by solely utilizing vegan leather and offering a cruelty-free option to consumers searching for high-grade products. Their objective is to create vegan leather products more accessible to all while also shifting customer preferences toward products that do not kill animals. 

All White Rhino Bags are created with cruelty-free materials. When purchasing textiles, they consider durability, quality, and sustainability, adding value and utility to an end user’s daily life. To give further support for animal protection, 3% of their overall sales (excluding jewellery) are donated to World Animal Protection.

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  • Cup of Té

If you enjoy organic teas and lovely teaware, Cup of Té should be on your radar. Cup of Té, a leading online vendor of loose-leaf tea based in Toronto, Ontario, was founded in 2018 by Taylor Lindsay-Noel, a tea aficionado and the host of the podcast Tea Time with Tay. Her objective was to provide organic items and elegant accessories to other tea connoisseurs. 

They are committed to enhancing people’s lives via the experience of quality teas manufactured from organic ingredients. Each flavour delivers distinct benefits to tea enthusiasts worldwide, and each drop tells a story. Cup of Té presently provides 19 organic and responsibly sourced tea varieties. Cup of Té also offers a wide range of elegantly designed luxury accessories and a wide range of high-end tea blends.

  • Royal Raine

Royal Raine, co-owned by Kenny and Lisa Rae, is a women’s apparel business that offers one-of-a-kind attire. Our objective is to provide original fashion while ensuring complete client pleasure. Royal Raine is a Canadian apparel retailer recognized for its trend-driven fashions at reasonable rates. Our shop is inspired by the newest trends, from street style to runway, and the Royal Raine apparel brand provides a variety of designs appropriate for the fashion-forward lady.

TexturesbySarah is a premium and fashion-forward hair company. We provide the most luscious and high-quality hair extensions for every human hair texture. Each texture embodies elegance, completing your carefree style. Emerald Straight bob, Adamite Deep Wave Wig, Aqua Loose Wave 13×4 Frontal, Topaz Kinky Curly Bundles, and Rhinestone Pins/ sliders are some of the top products they deliver.


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The Bottom Line

Many unique, locally-owned Black businesses are found in Canada. Consciously supporting these brands is a terrific approach to aiding the Black community. We have compiled this list of black-led fantastic companies across Canada; there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

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