10 Canadian Business Leaders To Follow On Twitter

10 Canadian Business Leaders You Should Be Following on Twitter

Social media is a great opportunity for any business leader to engage with their customers, employees and even, surprisingly, competitors. Twitter is probably the most popular way for prominent business leaders to take part in the conversation. Being present on social media lets others see the passion of business leaders, allows them to stay in the loop on company updates and industry news. It also gives the opportunity for business leaders to engage with customers, employees and others in their world. It makes their brand a more human touch. Let’s take a look at some Canadian business leaders that keep updated with social media.

Tobi Lütke, CEO, Shopify

Tobi Lütke uses his social media account to share insights into what he envisions for the future of businesses in Canada. He also shares updates on the growth of Shopify and how it will continue to be a successful company.

Twitter handle: @tobi

Brendan Shanahan, President, Toronto Maple Leafs

Brendan Shanahan uses Twitter to share updates and stories about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Revealing his extremely human side with jokes, occasional videos of his dog and personal interests, it’s no surprise that he has over 300,000 followers.

Twitter handle: @brendanshanahan

John Chen, CEO, Blackberry

John Chen announces collaborations and the exciting future that Blackberry is heading towards via his Twitter account. It’s really quite fascinating to see Blackberry through his eyes.

Twitter handle: @JohnChen

Ryan Holmes, Founder & CEO, Hootsuite

Ryan Holmes uses his social media account to talk about employment policies, how he sees the future of digital marketing and the pros & cons. It makes sense for the CEO of Hootsuite, which is a platform for social media management, to share with the world his personal views on the subject and how he predicts its future.

Twitter handle: @invoker

Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV

Passionate about job creation, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking, Shahrzad Rafati’s Twitter page reflects her humility, Canadian pride and her views on social issues and impacts. She also shares insightful articles about what the current trends are in the industry.

Twitter handle: @shahrzadrafati

Jade Raymond, VP Visceral, Motive Studios, and Star Wars, EA

Her passion for gaming and its latest projects is clearly evident in her twitter page since that’s pretty much all she talks about. She engages with other titans on social media such as Elon Musk. Jade Raymond will also, on occasion, give a small glimpse into her personal life.

Twitter handle: @ibjade

Leerom Segal, Co-founder & CEO, KlickHealth

Leerom Segal often shares tweets from the KlickHealth page, but he will also share a lot of interesting facts and updates that are related to KlickHealth. His passion for his work shines through his tweets.

Twitter handle: @leeromsegal

Kirstine Stewart, CSO, Diply

Incredibly active on Twitter, Kirstine Stewart retweets and shares opinions on many relevant social issues. A strong feminist with a strong voice, it’s clear to see why Diply’s CEO is so popular through her followers.

Twitter handle: @kirstinestewart

Jeffery Remedios, President & CEO, Universal Music Canada

Jeffery Remedios shares several great moments with musicians. He posts pictures of his wife and kids on vacation as well as information on what is up and coming in the music industry and things we should watch out for.

Twitter handle: @jeffreyremedios

Michael Tamblyn, CEO, Kobo

Michael Tamblyn has a great twitter account where he interacts regularly with customers. His posts are both in French and English and he’s quite active on the platform. He never misses a tweet.

Twitter handle: @mtamblyn

These business tycoons have a very active social media presence and have a lot to teach business owners when it comes to using social media to grow their enterprise. They demonstrate very well how entrepreneurs can promote their business while giving it a more human side. By having an active social media presence, people tend to see a different side of the company and it helps them think less of these big companies as a big corporation, but more as ordinary people that they can identify with. It gives the business a face and essence that other people can relate to. Engaging with other business leaders, customers and generally being more accessible will only add to the charm of the company.

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