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With time business practices change based on economic transformations and business drifts. It is recommended that Small business owners are on the lookout for trendy patterns and up-to-the-minute business broadcasts to improve their performance and develop their revenue generating methods.  Here are four business practices that will enhance small business growth In 2019.

Use of Technology to Enhance Client Experience

Technology is ever-changing, and each generation uncovers innovative minds that come up with new ideas and lifestyles that generally determine how we do business.  Expectations are that in future years we will see an increase in Online supplies. Online payments will continue to boom, and more innovative ventures in that industry will emerge.  2018 has seen an explosion in the food industry due to facilitating ordering online and providing fast and reliable delivery structure. The online fashion industry is now flourishing, and simplifying payment options, delivery and the ease to return products are leading to significant triumphs for that industry.

It is about time for the service industry to find ways to provide its clients with an online experience.  Some personal trainers have already started using tools like SKYPE, ZOOM, WHATSAPP and HANGOUT to work with local clients.  Others have gone global and have gathered clients from different parts of the world. The future is very promising for the small business.  Are you ready to embark on the use of the latest technology to grow your business?

Realizing the power of relational marketing

This generation more than ever are open to engaging with new people and developing relationships across the board. Networking events will take a new direction that will organize it and make it even more relational based. Social media has opened new venues and businesses will have to realize that clients appreciate a personal touch like sending a card during occasions, asking for comments when writing blogs, using instant messaging or social media to stay connected with clients.

Recognizing the Importance of Client Feedback

Millennial clients will require some changes in customer service.  They seek not only excellence in service but also comfort in service.  With the many new exploding business ventures, options have increased for clients, and they ask a way to measure performance and product/service excellence before they choose who to go to.  We find young clients more engaged in reading and writing reviews as they shop and select vendors. It is essential for the small business to invite clients to write reviews and share their wonderful experience as clients.

Embracing Global Hiring

Globalization has given employers a more extensive selection for choosing the right candidates.  Quick access to higher levels of education, more extensive range of specialized skills and the possibility of finding perfect fits for job requirements are components that are instigating contemporary employers to seek global job candidate.  Today’s advanced communications technology and the flexibility of virtual office hours have made hiring qualified candidates from different parts of the world a feasible reality that is starting to shape the future of modern small business circles.

Yes, the future may hold uncertainties for the small business; however, if small business owners move into 2019 with a futuristic approach and an open mind to embrace change, growth is inevitable in that case.


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