5 Entrepreneurs to Follow This Week

An entrepreneur begins, plans, and manages a business enterprise with significant initiative and risk, manages a small business instead of working as an employee; and bears all the risk and reward associated with a particular business venture, idea, commodity, or service being sold.

They work with a vision to establish and deliver a clear purpose for what the new endeavour will achieve and inspire others to join it in order to effectively launch the new business. They contribute originality and innovation to the business, assisting it in developing the ideal model and maintaining its competitive edge. An entrepreneur must have an innate desire to succeed as well as the self-discipline to persevere and remain positive in the face of challenges. Beyond the profit and the business, entrepreneurs also have the empathy to understand and consider their colleagues’ perspectives.

Here are 5 entrepreneurs changing how we perceive business through their fresh and inspiring entrepreneurship. 

  1. Eva Wong 
Image Coutesy: @eva_toronto

Eva is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Borrowell. She has professional experience in both the private and not-for-profit sectors in Canada and overseas, with a background in management consulting and company development. Eva was the recipient of the 2019 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

Eva co-founded Borrowell with the intention of enabling financial prosperity for everyone. They seek to assist all Canadians in feeling in charge of their lives and hopeful about the future by giving them access to credit education, innovative digital tools, and personalized experiences.

As the first company in Canada to offer free credit scores, Borrowell also developed Molly, the country’s first AI-powered Credit Coach, which offers individualized advice that may help you better understand and manage your credit. They created a recommendation engine that examines distinct credit profiles to provide suggestions for customized financial products.

Borrowell has more than 2 million Canadian members and thrives on client trust, which enables them to make wiser credit decisions and accomplish their financial objectives.

  1. Shahrzad Rafati
Image Courtesy: bbtv.com

In 2005, at the onset of the digital video revolution, CEO Shahrzad Rafati established BBTV out of a passion for the democratization of content. She earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of British Columbia and her master’s degree in French from Sorbonne University in Paris. She is a Young Global Leaders Oxford Module: Transformational Leadership graduate of the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. University Canada West awarded Shahrzad an honorary doctorate in 2020.

Since its founding more than 15 years ago, BroadbandTV Corp. has built its business on a solid foundation in scalable solutions and digital video. It has long been a leader in this vast and quickly developing sector. Their key revenue streams represent the most relevant and scalable opportunities for monetization of digital IP across advertising, SaaS/content management, mobile gaming apps, and other revenue streams.

Today, BBTV helps creators succeed by connecting with a passionate global audience, offering them end-to-end solutions, including proprietary technology, leading services, and improved distribution and monetization. They have created their own proprietary VISO technologies that use big data, digital signal processing, and machine learning to power their solutions.

With tens of billions of monthly impressions, BBTV is the second-largest video property globally in terms of unique viewers, only behind Google.

  1. Jenny Bird 
Image Courtesy: https://jenny-bird.com/

Once labelled, ‘The Queen of The Hoop,’ Jenny Bird is Canada’s leading fashion jewelry designer and considers herself a cultural observer and fearlessly inventive designer. Jenny is a self-taught designer passionate about growing a female-led business, which has seen explosive growth since the brand’s inception in 2008. Bird initially started her label with handbags, then expanded into jewelry in 2010, quickly proving her passion, thus becoming a multi-disciplinary creative,

Her modern creations combine originality with a bold, fearless spirit, grabbing the attention of numerous Hollywood celebrities, influential people worldwide, and stylists. She is well known for her custom chains, avant-garde earrings, anklets, and designs that are striking yet wearable and long-lasting. Her approach to each season is motivated by her love of fashion, her desire to seem current, and her innate sense of “what’s cool” while making sure the items are luxurious and long-lasting. Each design is executed with meticulous attention to technical features like unique hinges and clasps.

Responsibly sourced and produced goods are of paramount importance to Jenny Bird. They believe it is their duty to do business socially and globally responsibly since their brand value is to be conscious in all aspects of the business. They produce jewelry in Qingdao, China. Leading fashion retailers sell her items, including Nordstrom, Revolve, Indigo, and Harvey Nichols.

They donate 1% of all sales from their fund, the Possibilities Project, to groups that support women.

  1. Sachin Aggarwal
Image Courtesy: https://www.thinkresearch.com/ca/#

The Chief Executive Officer of Think Research, Sachin Aggarwal, understands that healthcare systems worldwide are on the brink of profound and necessary change. An MBA graduate from the Rotman School of Management, Sachin was also admitted to the Ontario and New York bars. In addition to serving on the Council of Canadian Innovators Board, Sachin was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2017.

In 2010, Sachin envisioned and coordinated Think Research’s strategic transition into a cloud-based service provider. With the ability to standardize care at scale, gather knowledge from various health systems, and enhance patient care, Think Research has established itself as a global health data industry leader.

The exponential growth of scientific information, clinical best practices, and medical data is contributing to a global knowledge crisis, which has repercussions for physicians, patients, governments, and entire nations. Sachin believes that data is the answer to this rising issue and the path to system transformation. Think Research aims to organize global health information so that everyone can receive the finest care, and this idea serves as its guiding concept.

Think Research announced in July 2022 that it has signed a contract to provide nursing care plans to St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

  1. Corey Gross
Image Courtesy: https://getsensibill.com/

Corey Gross developed Sensibill with the understanding that receipts frustrate customers and businesses to the point of no end and to permanently solve this pain of managing them and help individuals get the most from their transaction data.

Sensibill allows banking customers to manage their line-item receipts directly from their desktop and mobile banking applications. Customers utilize the service to maintain records of significant receipts for returns, exchanges, charges, accounting, and taxes. Sensibill also makes use of item-level purchase data to provide clients with extra value, such as improved personal financial management and alerts for warranty and return deadlines.

Sensibill fuels innovation in banking and enables financial institutions to better engage and retain their customers, increasing income and reducing expenses. In his CEO role, Corey led corporate strategy, funding, and partnerships. He also guided the company in defining the product vision.

They are making good progress, working with over 100 customers and reaching over 60 million customers worldwide.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries who can predict the needs of the market before they appear. Through such innovations, they aim to transform consumers’ lives by making their work and requirements easier. The aforementioned business owners are innovators in their fields, role models for aspiring entrepreneurs, and deserving of appreciation.

Role models are essential when formulating business aspirations and company goals. To read more about these inspiring entrepreneurs, visit our website https://canadiansme.ca/ and to get more interesting news, check out our Twitter page Canadian_sme. 

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