7Shifts: Simplifying Team Management for Restaurants

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Simplifying team management can be a daunting task for any business owner, but it’s especially challenging in the fast-paced world of restaurants. From scheduling shifts to training staff and everything in between, there are countless moving parts to keep track of. That’s where 7shifts comes in. Since 2014, this innovative company has been helping restaurant managers streamline their operations and improve their team’s performance. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, 7shifts has quickly become a go-to solution for restaurants of all sizes. With a core purpose of simplifying team management and improving performance, 7Shifts is dedicated to providing the best-in-class technology that helps restaurants succeed every day. 

Founding Story

7Shifts was founded in 2014 by Jordan Boesch while working for his dad at Quiznos. Boesch witnessed the difficulties of building schedules firsthand while watching his dad manage and schedule several employees across his two locations. It was at that point that he began building 7Shifts, with the goal of simplifying team management and improving performance for restaurants.

Intent and Destiny

The goal of 7Shifts is to make it easier for restaurant managers to organize their teams and boost their productivity. The company’s long-term goal is to become the restaurant industry’s preferred labour management partner by providing industry-leading tools that boost business operations every day.

Core Values

The purpose and vision of 7Shifts, as well as the team’s day-to-day practices, are informed by the company’s fundamental values. The company’s core principles include extreme candour, eagerness to take on new challenges, and taking ownership of one’s actions. These cornerstones are lauded when they take on a human form and are rectified as necessary. 


Sustainability is an essential component of 7Shifts’ mission. As a certified Carbon Neutral company, the team has offset 1212 metric tons of carbon to date. The company is committed to doing its part in taking care of the world and being a responsible corporate citizen.

World-Class Product and Team

Building the best product relies on having a great team. The 7Shifts team is a group of passionate, smart people who are the core of the company. The team drives inclusivity, delivers opportunities for growth, and works together on solutions for problems that have a real impact on the restaurants they serve. It’s no surprise that the company ranked as the #1 Best Workplace in Canada for 2022.

The Future of 7Shifts

7Shifts’ core offering is scheduling, but the company has expanded to support all aspects related to scheduling compliance. The restaurant industry is continually evolving, and 7Shifts is committed to keeping up with new compliance laws that directly impact restaurateurs, big and small. The company partners closely with compliance lawyers across the US to build out necessary reporting and alerting directly into a simple team management product that all layers of management can access.

The company is dedicated to simplifying team management and improving the performance of restaurants. Their mission and vision, core values, commitment to sustainability, and world-class team contribute to its success. As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, 7Shifts will continue to be at the forefront of workforce management, delivering best-in-class technology that helps restaurants succeed every day.

Check out the official website of 7Shifts to learn more about their services and solutions at https://www.7shifts.com/.

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