A Seven-figure Interior Design Business Born Through Trial and Error: What Can You Learn?

A Seven-figure Interior Design Business Born Through Trial and Error:

Rebecca Hay is the CEO of Rebecca Hay Designs which she built into a seven-figure interior design business just through trial and error. With a uniquely organized process, Rebecca elaborates on what she aims to achieve by launching her business venture in a field that is already filled with so many options. In addition, Rebecca also talks about what makes her enterprise different from the competition and she also has some highly insightful advice for small business owners.

Rebecca Hay is CEO of Rebecca Hay Designs, podcast host, international speaker, and business coach. She helps driven interior designers who are frustrated, time-strapped, and spinning their wheels to eliminate the chaos of running a design business so that they can achieve focus and clarity. She helps them implement systems and strategies to inspire their confidence and streamline their business, taking them from chaos to coordination. Her methods and experience prove that anyone can uplevel their business without working around the clock & missing out on precious family time.

She’s built her own seven-figure interior design business through trial and error and has eliminated the chaos giving her the freedom now to focus only on the parts that she enjoys most.

Her goal is to disrupt the traditional elitism and secrecy that has been a cornerstone of the Interior Design industry for far too long. Rebecca believes in collaboration over competition and given the right tools & truly authentic marketing, any designer can be successful.

What are Rebecca Hay Designs about? What is your mission?

At Rebecca Hay Designs we believe that our clients’ homes are the gathering place where memories are made. We tell their story through a sophisticated blend of classic and contemporary design, curating a mix of old and new. With a commitment to the environment, we are mindful of our design choices and strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We have a uniquely organized process and specialize in full-service design. With a focus on exceptional quality and sustainable products, our team manages complete decor and design projects from start to finish. We aim to deliver outstanding, hands-on service, and beautifully creative solutions to turn our clients’ homes into fresh & inviting gathering places where memories are made.

What are you aiming to achieve by launching your business venture in a field that is already filled with so many options?

Our goal is to transform the interior design industry with our dedication to sustainable design. We aim to transform our clients’ lives through their homes and provide exceptional customer service experiences from design conception to project completion.

Why should people consider Rebecca Hay Designs instead of some very well-established player in the market?

We pride ourselves in our established process that allows our clients to let go of the reins and get through a design and construction project with as little stress and frustration as possible. Rebecca Hay Designs is a full-service design firm, that’s all about teamwork, problem-solving, and transparency in the way we work.

How are you different from your competitors?

We follow a very streamlined 7 step process and offer fixed fee proposals. We don’t charge hourly the way other design firms do. This makes it easy for our clients to budget the costs of their project and eliminate surprises at the end.


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What is it like to be a woman entrepreneur in current times? How did you realize your goal and laid the foundation for Rebecca Hay Designs?

I think this is an incredible time for female entrepreneurs.

Social media has democratized an outdated and old-fashioned industry allowing designers to get noticed. There are a lot more women taking center stage these days than ever before.

I am also a firm believer in collaboration over competition and think women especially can benefit from being in community with each other which is why I started my Designer Meet-Ups that has now transitioned online to Facebook. It’s a safe place where designers can share and help each other.

Do you have any advice for small-scale business owners who are finding it difficult to pull through in these challenging times?

Continue to learn and invest in yourself.

Your business is dependent on your strengths and innovation. If you keep working on yourself as a business owner, you will find the solutions that will help you propel your business forward.

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