Adapting to Novelty: The Nancy Ihebom Way.

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Most small businesses have an origin story in which the entrepreneurs were compelled by a pressing need. They do not wait for others to bring about the desired change; they take matters into their hands and effect the transformation. Nancy Ihebom is one business owner who took charge of the situation.

When Nancy Ihebom immigrated to Canada in 2016, she was unfamiliar with everything. Adjusting to the cold was difficult, and she developed dry skin rashes and scaly during the winter. She identified a void in the market for natural moisturizers that enhanced the skin’s radiance and provided much-required hydration. Whatever products she used, they were heavy and required frequent reapplication.

She utilized her years of corporate banking experience and biochemistry degree from Enugu State University of Science and Technology in Nigeria to create a line of plant-based products. In 2021, Nancy Ihebom launched her line of skincare products under the brand name Areli Beauty. 

The birth of a Changemaker

Areli Beauty was founded as a result of Nancy’s desire to provide products that improve people’s lives. She promotes empowerment through wellness and self-care. Nancy views her business as a community initiative that encourages and supports women to care for themselves in order to reduce stress and anxiety and promote good health through a beautiful journey.

Areli Beauty is an all-natural, plant-based skincare line whose goal is to provide clean beauty accessible to everyone. The brand offers a range of natural skin care products, such as body scrubs, oils, and lotions, and stresses the importance of a self-love approach to beauty and health, thus aiming to make their customers feel good as well as look good. Its mission is to provide skincare products that enhance its customers’ confidence and natural beauty. The products are specially formulated for individuals with dry skin. In addition to addressing dry skin concerns, they enhance your skin’s natural radiance.

Areli Beauty discovered shortly after beginning its journey in 2021 that its customers are conscious consumers and beauty enthusiasts who care about the environment and always conduct online research for natural products to incorporate natural beauty products into their daily beauty regime.

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What the Future Holds

Nancy has already set up her goals and is conducting market research in preparation for the launch of three new products by the end of the year, with plans to hire employees and open a retail location in 2023. For Nancy, the purpose of opening a retail store is to provide a space where customers can come in, touch and feel the products, and have a personal experience that has been lacking since the pandemic. In addition, Nancy intends to sponsor and collaborate with mental health and wellness organizations to conduct community workshops and events. Finally, in the distant future, Nancy hopes to expand her brand by creating a lifestyle and wellness line to provide customers with a unified, all-encompassing experience that includes looking, smelling, and feeling good. 

Nancy Ihebom is an example of a person who moved to a new location, dealt with the challenges of foreign experiences, and took the initiative to solve her problems by donning the entrepreneur’s hat. Her journey is truly inspiring, and in the coming years, she will need continued support to expand her business and values to a larger audience. As the Entrepreneur of the Week, she exemplifies what can be accomplished in a new and unfamiliar environment when one possesses the confidence and determination to get things done.

Areli Beauty provides organically derived, organic skincare that is both effective and cruelty-free. To know more about the products and benefits, visit their website

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