Anshul Ruparell: Transforming the Real Estate Transaction

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Anshul Ruparell was surrounded by entrepreneurs from the day he was born. Seeing his grandparents, parents, and relatives build their businesses inspired him to become an entrepreneur. As a lot of his family businesses were involved in the real estate sector, it was destined for Anshul to begin his business, which is transforming the real estate industry in Canada.  

Path Leading to the Start-up

Anshul graduated with a degree in HBA from the Ivey Business School in 2010 and took up a job at an investment bank. However, after spending two years as an analyst at Merrill Lynch and working long hours weekly, he realized the job was not for him. So he quit the job and worked in private equity at the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for the next three years. All these experiences made him realize more and more that he was meant to build a business of his own and decided to pursue an MBA at Columbia University.

During his time at Columbia, he met Fabrice Grinda, the French entrepreneur and super angel who has invested in more than 200 companies globally, including the Alibaba Group, Airbnb, Beepi, FanDuel, Palantir, and Windeln. The encounter eventually resulted in Anshul becoming a core investment team member at FJ Labs.

Even while he worked for FJ Labs, Anshul kept thinking about real estate. In 2014, when oil prices dropped in Calgary, the city went through a recession. Many of his relatives attempted to sell their homes but faced trouble finding buyers.

In 2018, Anshul founded Properly, a Canadian tech-enabled real estate brokerage start-up transforming the home buying and selling experience. Working with a mission to make real estate customer-centric, it is the only service in Canada that helps homeowners buy before they sell.

The Company Transforming Canadian Real Estate

Properly is a different kind of real estate company that envisions creating a future in which Canadians can deal with real estate with simplicity and less friction. For example, homeowners can sell directly to Properly and close the deal within five days by enabling their machine learning technology to estimate the property’s market value. 

Properly works transparently by providing a platform where the client can go to the website and enter the information to sell their property. The submitted data is run through the Properly algorithm to estimate the value of a property on the open market. Then the company would buy the home from the customer in cash for less than a 5% broker fee, get it ready for sale and list it on the market. The deal is structured so that if the house is sold for more than what they quoted, they will refund that money back to the homeowner, and if the house is sold for less, they will cover the difference.

Through their tech-enabled real estate brokerage, Properly has the talent and tools to simplify the process, connect users searching for a home, and make the sale a celebrated milestone without any stress, risk, or expense.

Properly is an inclusive place for agents and employees where they can conduct meaningful, career-defining work. They create a diverse, values-based environment where their team is empowered to dream big and encouraged to take on new challenges confidently.

They offer agents who are trusted advisors, local experts, top negotiators, and friendly guides who are passionate about delivering best-in-class experiences to buyers and sellers. They are staffed with the brightest, most creative minds who can transform real estate in Canada. 

The real estate industry lacks innovation and transparency, which makes the existing process complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. This restricts mobility and access to the equity customers have built up in their valuable financial assets.

Properly was founded in 2018 and has since expanded to 25 employees, more than $160 million in secured investments, and daily home purchases and sales. They operate in Greater Toronto and Greater Vancouver, with expansion plans across Canada.

Properly empowers Canadians on the journey of home ownership. To know more about their services, visit their website at

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