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Martin Basiri faced challenges when he tried to apply for a Masters’s degree in Canada. Originally from Iran, Basiri found navigating the complex application process hard. It is from this experience of hardship that the idea of ApplyBoard was born. 

After graduating from Canada, Martin assisted his brothers Massi and Meti in doing the same. In 2015, the three brothers quit their jobs and started ApplyBoard to make education more accessible for international students.

Making Foreign Education Accessible 

As the world’s first and leading online platform for international students, ApplyBoard empowers students worldwide to access the best education and study abroad.

ApplyBoard believes education is a right and not a privilege and helps students all over the world access the best education available. They have connected 200K+ students with 1,500+ educational institutions worldwide, providing 1-on-1 advice and helping them get financial guidance.

ApplyBoard streamlines the search, application, and acceptance processes for study abroad programs by bringing international students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions together on one platform. 

They collaborate with 10,000+ recruitment partners and 1,600+ primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions to promote diversity on campuses throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland.

With representatives in more than 30 additional nations, including India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, their team has expanded since the beginning of their operations and now comprises more than 1,500 people worldwide.

A Platform That Supports You End-to-End

ApplyBoard is more than an application platform; it offers the best programs and promotions to assist students in connecting with colleges and recruiting companies, saving money, and feeling at ease during their time as international students.

  • Students

Applyboard helps students get admitted into the best international educational institutions. Students can find programs and submit applications to study at the educational institutions that best suit their backgrounds and interests using the ApplyBoard Platform.

Their team of professionals helps students at every stage, from reviewing their applications to ensuring all required paperwork is submitted, communicating with the institutions, assisting with the visa procedure, and assisting them in beginning their journey abroad. They also offer financial counselling to help students find ways to get scholarships and discover financial support options.

  • Recruitment Partners

ApplyBoard collaborates with over 10,000 recruitment partners to provide students with affordable education. The ApplyBoard Platform allows recruitment partners to manage student applications and information while keeping track of application statuses. When students enroll, ApplyBoard submits their application to the school and earns commissions.

They are a trusted partner that collaborates with recruitment partners to help as many students as possible and fulfill their international education dreams. ApplyBoard recruitment partners have grown more than five times in the last five years as they provide faster growth at a reduced cost. In addition, they pay at various points of the application and enrollment processes and offer assured, trusted, and transparent payments.

ApplyBoard offers access to more than 1,600 educational institutions across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Ireland. They help discover exclusive opportunities to deliver value, earn more, and provide industry-leading insights and training on the education industry and AI-driven insights to future-proof their business.

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  • School 

When working with ApplyBoard, educational institutions can access ApplyBoard’s managed network of 10,000+ recruitment partners worldwide. They actively recruit students from 125+ countries to bring culture and diversity to the campuses. They review all applications before submission, ensuring students are qualified and that applications adhere to the school’s guidelines.

ApplyBoard helps increase your global presence and the number of qualified students from a single, easy-to-use and trusted platform by more than 1,600 institutions worldwide. 

As ApplyBoard students come from more than 125 nations, they guarantee unmatched diversity on campus and provide returns on investment that allow schools to concentrate more on teaching rather than administration, with partner schools investing 25% more time in the important things.

Growing Education Accessibility  

ApplyBoard is passionate about making education accessible to everyone and assisting students from around the world with their applications to study abroad.

With over 400,000 students using ApplyBoard, the world’s largest online platform for international student recruitment. ApplyBoard was ranked first on the Technology Fast 50TM list by Deloitte in 2019 and was designated the fastest-growing technology business in Canada. In 2021, ApplyBoard was ranked eighth on LinkedIn’s list of Canada’s Top Startups.

They help thousands of students pursue their goals of studying abroad by streamlining the application process from college finding to enrollment through their platform and team of specialists.  

ApplyBoard connects schools, students, and recruitment partners from around the world from its headquarters in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. To know more about their services, visit their website at

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