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Kunal Chopra

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Kunal Chopra is the founder of Getting Ahead, a talent platform built for Canadian demographics and small to mid-size employers. Launched in 2022 Getting Ahead has been used by a number of Canadian Small to Mid-Size Employers to successfully hire diverse talent. Kunal is also an independent “C level” executive, advisor and consultant focused on strategy, optimization, and transformation. He has worked with CEO’s in Banking, Insurance and Higher Education to grow revenue, digitize, optimize talent and operations and transform organizations at scale. Over a 20 year career to date he delivered $120 million in growth, savings and tangible business benefits for employers and clients including as both internal staff and as a consultant. His most significant accomplishments are in the human side of his career where his teams have rated him 100% on multiple leadership reviews. Kunal has been described as having “career changing” impact on the development of talent and he continues to mentor diverse talent at various career stages.