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When it comes to leather, we surely have preferences in stitch, cuts, finish, type, form, etc. These preferences and wants increase by a notch higher, when it comes to leather repair. If you are residing anywhere across Vancouver, BC Canada, you may get all your leather restoration help from Awl Together Leather Inc. They are known for their finesse and professionalism. Now you don’t need to look further, as they take care of timely restorations and repairs besides offering rush and pre-book options. Some of the standard lines of products handled by this Vancouver-based company are jackets, bags, shoes, chairs, and garments. Awl’s work and support for marginalized communities in unceded territories have made their presence strongly felt across Canadian communities. Co-owned by Ariss Grutter and Tess Gobeil on May 4th, 2021 this store seems to be all set to change the demographics of the industry. Special mention must definitely go to their efforts in helping marginalized professionals enter mainstream leatherwork. 

They aim to change the demographics and dynamics of the leather industry

Awl Together Leather Inc is a leading leather repair brand in BC Canada. They believe in the finest work and returning customers. Their specialized customizations have earned them quite a repute. The studio is located in East Vancouver, BC. 

They have collaborated with Zero Waste Yukon at Raven Recycling besides doing workshops and events. They provide mentorship as well. Their latest offering is wholesale orders. 

They have named their brand Awl which means ‘All Together’. Their popularity is growing by leaps and bounds with Vancouver people joining them in their Kickstarter campaign as well. They have completed more than 6000 jobs and have handled around 1500 customers within a short span of time. 

All about Rush and Pre-Books

Awl Together Leather is managed by experienced hands that have more than a decade’s experience in leatherwork. They offer pre-books, at no extra cost. They have a set fee that is assessed when you bring the item and schedule a pre-book.

Awl Together Leather Inc., offers Rush work to their wide set of customers we well. There are rush fees involved when you need your items faster than the usual time. There are two types of rush fees calculated as a percentage of your total value. There’s a super rush (1-2 days turnaround) and a pick-your-date rush (beyond 48 hours). 150% and 65% of your ticket’s total are counted respectively. 

Efforts in Helping Marginalized Workers

They have seen everything from the local viewpoint which has made them understand the working woes of underrepresented leatherworkers living in Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh. Their main aim is to bring them up in the mainstream society. 

A lot of work is being done by Awl Together to train and provide a place for marginalized communities to represent their work in professional leatherwork as workers and owners of their own businesses. 

Here’s some of the Common Repair and Artistic Restoration Jobs Done by Awl Together Leather Inc:

  • Shortening of sleeves 
  • Zippers
  • Lining Replacements
  • Snaps, hardware, rivets, and buckles replacement
  • Shortening of sleeves
  • Fixing of rips and hole patches
  • Alteration
  • Hemmings
  • Take-ins and expansions

Besides the enlisted jobs they also take up various other jobs in garment and leather. They are known for taking up work on classic horsehide and vintage.

Quality and Work Specifics

Their Leather –

They rotate their leather on a regular basis. Being quite transparent about their stocks, Awl Together Leather Inc. is your go-to name for specialized leather repair and restoration work. They have a constant stockpile that includes 8 – 10 oz black belting leather, 8 oz natural veg tan, numerous chrome-tanned leathers in multiple colors, huge scraps, 6-8 oz black oil tan, and much more. 

Hardware – 

They pile a lot of brass. Most of their stocked hardware includes silver and brass for items like spots, buckles, eyelets, attachments, snaps, rings, studs, and zippers. They avoid nickel as they believe in body-safe usage. 

All about Accessories – 

Awl Together Leather vouches for customizations and specialised work. The more the merrier seems to be their motto! They are open to custom stamp words and patterns into your leather accessories like bags, jackets, or belts. Add a little zing to your jackets as Awl Together will add custom studs in any size or shape, buckles, rings, patches, straps, and snaps. You need to bring your own patches and embroideries and Awl will do the rest of the work for you. 

Bag Repair – 

They take care of different types of bag and purse repairs. They are known to have high-quality leather and have trusted suppliers for their hardware. They will have your adored bag re-made entirely. In bags they fully replace bags and pocket linings, do redyes and recolouring, sewing, adding new handles, shoulder pads or new straps, cleaning, stain removal, patching, and hardware. 


Besides polishing, redyes, patching, and sewing, Awl Together resoles and reheels, adds length and width, protective rubber half-soles, re-welts, polishing, etc. They also provide free assessments which help a lot for both parties to understand what to do and whether to go ahead with the shoe repair. 

Redye – 

Awl Togethr does black redyes and colour redyes. They offer a 100% guarantee on their black redyes. 

They also extend the life of leather goods by performing weather treatments and various restoration work. Their redying comes with salt stain removal,  de-molding, and spot removal. 

Restoration – 

If you are looking for A-Z leather repair and restoration work in Vancouver Awl Together Leather Inc. is your place to be. They provide great help and consultation on how to move forward with restoration work. They work on exotic leather items and know full restoration options starting from spot removal to waterproofing. 

Via Mail

They also do garment repairs and alterations. Their long line of vintage work proves their excellence. You can also avail of their mailing service which is picking up post Covid, with most people opting for remote solutions. People from rural areas take Awl’s help by sending the details followed by the items to be fixed and waiting for their shipping. Payments and returns are pretty easy.  

For the finest repairs and restoration work in leather and garments, you can now reach out to Awl Together Leather Inc. Get further details and information on their products here: 

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