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Finding The Problem 

Brandy Svendson and Natalie Chan identified two significant issues confronting public and population health organizations. First, while research teams do high-value research, they frequently require assistance in translating and communicating their findings to broader audiences effectively and creatively.

Second, despite their exceptional communication skills, creative teams entrusted with presenting this information frequently lack knowledge and a thorough awareness of the specific public and population health challenges and their target audiences.

Be the Change Group was created in 2012 to address these obstacles by bringing together three interdisciplinary teams to collaborate under one roof to solve complicated problems and bring about the change that its clients desire.

Resolving The Issue

Be The Change Group is a research and creative agency that works with clients in the population health, education, and climate sectors to create positive social change.

They provide full-service support through the interdisciplinary integration of their research, design, and communications teams. They partner with thought leaders and innovators who advocate and educate to create brighter futures for the community.

Since beginning its work, Be The Change Group has been working to improve health equity, climate change, and social determinants of health. 

While partnering with their clients, they ensure they understand their visions and hear diverse community voices by building custom project teams and delivering what people need and want.

They aim to do good things by working with amazing people, making communities healthy and creating lasting change.

Envisioning The Future

Brandy Svendson is the CEO, Creative Director, and Co-founder of Be The Change Group. She oversees the entire team and ensures that all deliverables are of the highest standard. 

With over seven years of experience in executive management, she is a dynamic leader who is passionate about everything she does. She provides her team with on-the-ground direction, leadership, and an innovative vision for every project. 

Her experience in population health, community non-profits, and the creative field has helped her identify the need to bring public and population health experts, researchers, and creative minds together to solve complex problems.

Bringing them together ensures that creative solutions are evidence-based and that research problems are approached in a community-driven, creative, and human-centred way. 

Her expertise is also rooted in more than 15 years of experience in the health, education, and environment sectors, working locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. 

Brandy has provided strategic direction and leadership for clients, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the World Health Organization, the BC Emergency Medicine Network, Interior Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Gulf States Health Policy Center, and the Skills and Education Group.

With over 20 years of experience in the creative field, Brandy is a professional photographer and an award-winning director, receiving accolades for her work on the 30 30 Campaign. The campaign pieces together the dynamic history of HIV in Vancouver, told by and for those who were there.

The Certified Company 

Be The Change Group tailors each project team to meet their client’s needs, with their in-house team guiding the delivery and direction of projects to success while their consultant team ensures subject-matter expertise.

Their consultants offer the best and brightest in their respective fields, with experience in over 20 low and middle-income countries. Their team includes PhDs, physicians, nurses, public and population health professionals, communication experts, and designers from globally-recognized institutions.

Be The Change Group is a value-centered enterprise that brings diverse perspectives to all aspects of problem-solving and ensures to find effective, efficient, and accessible solutions that enhance user experience and well-being.

They operate with compassion, valuing the lived experience of every individual and acting without bias towards gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or culture.

Be The Change Group builds solutions that create opportunities to succeed for their team, clients, and the communities they serve. They believe positive change begins with a healthy work environment and meaningful environmental business practices.

They are an unconventional firm that partners with global innovators, problem solvers, and leaders to address climate change and health equity issues and improve social determinants of health.

Be The Change Group is a certified women-owned, led, and driven business enterprise. In addition, they are among the fewer than 100 B Corp-certified companies in British Columbia.

Be the Change Group has spent ten years building evidence-based solutions with their partners in the population health, education, and climate sectors. To learn more about their work, visit the website at

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