Black Professionals In Tech Network Partners With Ten Thousand Coffees To Enhance Mentoring and Networking Opportunities For Black Professionals

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Black professionals in North America are getting new opportunities to network and level up their careers just in time for Mentoring month.

TORONTO, Jan. 18, 2022 /CNW/ – Black professionals in Tech Network (BPTN), the largest Black community of tech and business professionals in North America is partnering with Ten Thousand Coffees to enhance mentoring, and executive networking opportunities for Black professionals to develop their careers.

BPTN will leverage the 10KC networking platform to create a space for Black professionals to connect with executive leaders across North America in the BPTN Café. BPTN members can build impactful professional relationships and have greater control over when and how they connect using the 10KC Smart Matching algorithm.

“The goal of this partnership is to enhance the experience of BPTN members and our corporate partner executives,” says Davin Miller, Head of Customer Experience, BPTN. “Members will have more opportunities and greater flexibility to connect, learn and grow their careers. We have seen the many benefits from connecting Black professionals to opportunities over the years, and the 10KC solution will only make this better.”

Each year, BPTN hosts the CULTIVATE Mentoring Program, which pairs 350 Black professionals, under 29 years old, with executives in the tech and business industries. This year, BPTN’s partnership with 10KC includes their proprietary 10KC Mentoring module as part of the CULTIVATE program. This Program allows for more investment in Black professionals and stronger career development pathways in the technology industry.

“We’re thrilled to provide our 10KC mentoring and networking technology to BPTN,” says Dave Wilkin, Co-founder and CEO, 10KC. “We’re teaming up on their mission to connect talented members through mentorship, networking and career development experiences. Our technology will create a community for Black professionals in tech to grow their networks, to meaningfully connect with peers, executives, mentors and BPTN’s corporate partners to propel their careers forward. Our partnership will also help to bridge the Black talent gap across North America.”

With more than 50 thousand members and more than 66 corporate partners, BPTN and Obsidi by BPTN, focus on providing Black technical and business professionals with various networking opportunities to support professional growth and career development. Members get annual complimentary access to BFUTR,  the largest global tech summit in North America, Masterclasses and other resources.

To keep up with more mentorship opportunities for Black professionals join the movement, sign up on Obsidi, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for more.

About Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN)

Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) is the largest Black community of tech and business professionals in North America. Founded in 2018, BPTN bridges the network gap in the tech industry by providing Black technical and business professionals with access to senior executive sponsorship, skills building and a strong peer network to level up their careers. BPTN partners with companies to hire, train and retain Black professionals for more diversity. With more than 50 thousand members and more than 66 corporate partners. Through BFUTR – the largest global virtual summit for Black tech and business professionals and Obsidi by BPTN an- all-in-one networking platform. Learn more here.

About Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC) is an enterprise software platform for mentoring, networking and informal talent development experiences that serves 180+ businesses, universities/colleges, and social impact partners globally. Our suite of informal development experiences includes mentorship, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and talent development programming, including virtual onboarding and networking solutions. In partnership with our clients, we work to drive and measure their employee engagement, connectivity and employee development goals in today’s decentralized and hybrid work environments.

Founded in 2014, by Dave Wilkin, CEO, and Elliott Garcea, CTO, 10KC’s mission is to democratize opportunity for all. 10KC is the world’s first technology to deliver all informal development experiences in one spot — the moments that happen through discussions with colleagues, mentors and leaders where people learn and grow the most. You can learn more about Ten Thousand Coffees here.

SOURCE Black professionals in Tech Network (BPTN)

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