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For those who want to make a difference in the business world and those involved in small businesses, Canada Business Talks organized by CanadianSME Magazine is a game-changing platform. They talk about entrepreneurs, business learners, small business owners, and individuals seeking expert guidance and advice on how to run an effective syndicate. Canada Business Talks hosts business leaders from Canada to discuss some of the most major topics that are linked with the success of small businesses. In association with RBC, Lenovo, and Cisco, the Canadian Business Talks series can push small business owners and entrepreneurs to newer heights by connecting with top-notch Canadian business leaders. 

Canadian Business Talks organized by CanadianSME Magazine is going to organize a fireside chat with Vivian Kaye, the CEO of KinkyCurlyYaki, keynote speaker, business and empowerment expert, and a robust TV and Podcast personality on March 3, 2022, to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to know what it takes to drive a robust and successful business.

Why is Canadian Business Talks Series Helpful for Small Business Owners?

Canadian Business Talks Series is an exclusive event where small business owners can know how to make their business thrive efficiently from robust business leaders across Canada, and with Vivian Kaye in their house this March, it is going to be nothing short of a tipping point for small business owners. They will get to learn:

  • How to be resilient as an entrepreneur during challenging times
  • How to make their business thrive during the pandemic and beyond
  • How to practically strategize and manage their small business

Major Topics to Be Covered in Small Business Talks Event

Canada Business Talks hosts business leaders from Canada to discuss some of the most major topics that are linked with the success of small businesses.

  • Business Finance: Business finance experts will engage with cutting-edge technology and expert advice on how entrepreneurs can raise capital, the best financing options for small businesses, and how to prosper and execute a financial strategy that will ensure the success of small businesses.
  • Digital Transformation: Experts will talk about why digital transformation matters and why investing in technology can help small business owners grow their businesses. And why digitalizing their business is one of the important decisions they should make for their success.
  • Cloud and Technology: Cloud and technology are inescapable. Innovative discoveries are happening every day in the IT world, and most companies have moved their business to the virtual realm. Cloud computing is an important topic for any entrepreneur. Tech professionals will provide knowledge of using cloud technology, empowering small business owners to create and evaluate their businesses effectively. 
  • Women Entrepreneurship: Since women are totally transforming the face of the business sector, the Canada Business Talks series will talk through the tools and resources available to women entrepreneurs. Experts will be talking about the need for mentoring and training sessions for women to help them grow and succeed in business.
  • Global Business Mindset: It is important for entrepreneurs to have a global mindset for the growth and success of a company. What’s Global Thinking? It is the capability to soak up information as well as various cultural norms and traditions worldwide and integrate them into business strategies. In the Canadian Business Talks event, experts will try to instill a global mindset into the minds of small business owners.
  • Small Business Leadership: Resilient business experts are of the belief that when it comes to organizational prosperity, business leadership is the most important trait. A trusted business leader has the power to incentivize employees to achieve their goals and maximize efficiencies. It also fuels innovation and fosters a healthy work ecosystem.

A Few Lines about Vivian Kaye

Vivian Kaye is the CEO and founder of KinkyCurlyYaki, a top-level textured hair extension brand specially designed for Black women, and that too, by a Black woman. 

Vivian Kaye is an immigrant from Ghana. One of four sisters, she never lived up to the social norms of going to school and finding a secure job. However, she inherited her entrepreneurial spirit and experience from her mother, who sold wares at a market in Ghana, holding Vivian Kaye on her back.

She is no stranger when it comes to making something happen. She is an empowered and effervescent Black woman who at no time fit into the mould, and strived to do something for the women in her community. Launching a new company being a single mom to her newborn child didn’t pull her back from being a top-notch entrepreneur.

She found her solution when she realized early on that there were no curly hair extensions that mimic black women’s hair. Vivian’s AHA moment highlighted the gap in the hair extensions sector that gushed forth her company, KinkyCurlyYaki. Vivian Kaye successfully built her company to over 6 million dollars in revenue and gained a massive reputation as a leading business mentor to several eCommerce companies. Before everything, Vivian wants her legacy to be based on the principle of inclusion.

With a sincere desire for continuous growth, Vivian’s vision knows no bounds. In the initial days, she went beyond being a founder and CEO to organically growing her personal brand, pulling the curtain down and building a global platform to share tips and tricks for success. Today, she has built a vast entrepreneurial empire – “Build it Braver from American Express” (a business and empowerment consulting firm). 

Vivian Kaye is a media personality who frequently appears on radio and TV and collaborates with famous brands. Her main goal is to inspire her audience and to take action and use their true selves to create the brand of their dreams.

CanadianSME Magazine is honoured and proud to have Vivian Kaye in their house and looking forward to having a fireside chat with her on March 3, 2022.

About the Sponsors 

CanadianSME Magazine would like to extend our thanks and gratitude once again for the continued support of these amazing sponsors; Our exclusive banking partner RBC, Gold partners UPS and Ricoh and Silver partner Nerds On-Site. 

We really do appreciate it!

About the Organizers – CanadianSME Magazine

CanadianSME Magazine realizes the need to reach out to new businesses. They have developed ideas for encouraging, enhancing and educating young businesses through motivating articles submitted by experts from various fields of business. This magazine will inspire Canadian entrepreneurs to do more and work smarter to accomplish their goals. The prime goal is to strengthen the management of Canadian SMEs. In other words, providing a smoother path to success by strengthening their foundation and better ranking in the marketplace. Therefore, the magazine’s bright goal is to empower Canadian SMEs and establish them as leading aces in their field through service.

Whether you’re a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur planning to push your business to newer heights or are looking forward to building an enthralling personal brand, this is your chance to take action and learn from Vivian Kaye, the one who has built her brand from scratch. 

For more information, you can visit their official website and explore more.

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