Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Nurturing Workplace Diversity

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In order to understand what inclusion is, one needs to understand what and how diversity works. Similarly, one can easily understand diversity when he/she knows how to include anyone and everyone in group dynamics.  A sense of inclusion is a basic human quality that makes it easier for diversity to grow and expand. Workplace diversity is most important as team bonding and team play are most important. Personal restrictions and thoughts on gender, race, culture, religion, caste, and creed can create a great many barriers in workplaces. Inclusion is a long-drawn process and everyday corporate culture trainings and initiatives can bring about ultimate changes. MNCs hand out rule books to employees and staff but small-sized and mid-sized companies must fall in line to get conditioned in diversity and inclusion. 

How to start with an inclusive and diverse workplace?

  • Higher-ups in the company can start welcoming/displaying cultural inclusion. With team leaders and managers bringing about healthy company culture, employees and staff would follow too, slowly but steadily. 
  • Employee feedback can help expand inclusion in the workplace.
  • All company policies must be made, keeping in mind the basic intent of equality and unity in following the path of inclusive diversity. 
  • An individual must feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. 
  • Employees should be able to connect via a common platform/forum besides being able to share and discuss any kind of insensitivity with the HR department. 
  • Mixing up teams in various projects can do wonders. Diversity is all about changing perspectives. 
  • Equal pay and equal opportunities for all employees will identify the base of an organization’s diversity. 
  • Any kind of bias, whether personal, group, or organizational, must be taken into account. Building awareness programs can have a huge impact on organizational structure running for inclusivity. 
  • Employee Resource Groups can build cultural connections. More participation among employees would mean encouragement, thus the improvement of inclusive practices, equity, and diversity. 

Bold actions by the management can shock few in the initial stages of creating a culture of inclusion and nurturing workplace diversity, but its intent is never lost. With only MNCs working the diverse way along with their new-age gender and cultural programs, companies across the globe must initiate pieces of training and talk shows. These can help in understanding which can later go on to change mindsets.  Although in many parts of the globe, a lot of work needs to be done on inclusion, small steps can have a big impact in the present times. Conversations and employee engagement activities help in bringing together people of cross cultures. Discrimination can be stopped when people start mixing with each other in easy and comfortable environments. Celebrating diversity (various cultural traditions and occasions), and promoting healthy habits of eating together, sharing ideas, cultures, etc can ensure employees’ unbiased decision-making process in the long run. 

Creative spaces can grow largely when diverse thoughts and expressions come under one roof. Creating a culture of inclusion and nurturing workplace diversity needs inspiration and persistent efforts & practices. Strict action against discrimination can help establish diversity and inclusion. 

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