Crown Cookware: Baking Happiness Since 1981

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In the heart of every home, a magical transformation takes place—a fusion of ingredients, flavours, and love that culminates in delectable creations that bring joy and nourishment to loved ones. At the center of this culinary alchemy stands Crown Cookware, a Canadian family-owned business that has been adorning kitchens with happiness since 1981. With an unwavering commitment to pristine quality, timeless designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship, Crown Cookware has become a trusted name in the world of cookware and bakeware.

Crown is committed to excellence; thus, they only utilize virgin aluminum that is safe for consumption. Their commitment to putting their customers’ health first means that none of their cookware contains toxic metals like lead, mercury, or cadmium. Crown puts each and every one of their pans through rigorous testing in their own test kitchens and at home to guarantee superior quality and safety. Crown is more than simply a company; it’s a close-knit family with the same purpose of making people happy in their kitchens everywhere.

Pioneers of Innovative Cookware

Crown Cookware has a long history of developing cutting-edge products that changed the way the world cooked. Because of its innovative one-piece construction and smooth radius, its angel food cake pan produces consistently beautiful results. Crown’s “Perfection Pizza Pan,” a perforated pizza pan that has since been internationally replicated, caused a stir in the pizza manufacturing business when it was introduced in 1982.

Crown’s “Pizza Genius Pizza Pan,” a commercial black non-stick pizza pan manufactured of steel aluminum and covered with a premium non-stick coating, is a further example of the company’s dedication to quality. In addition to making fantastic pizzas, this commercial-grade pan is ideal for baking a broad range of foods in pizza ovens. Crown’s ever-expanding product line serves the varying requirements of both home and commercial kitchens, and it now includes commercial sheet pans, “Cookie Magic” cookie sheets, deep dish pizza pans, and round layer cake pans.

Building Dreams, Sustaining Integrity

Crown Cookware’s 32,000-square-foot advanced facility is just one way the company lives up to its reputation as an industry leader for superior quality and service. David and his family have continued Paul’s work after his death in 2007. They are committed to continuing the tradition of creating innovative, high-quality cookware.

The company has made sustainability a central tenet of its business practices. Crown’s manufacturing skills have grown because of the company’s investment in automation and the launch of a rack department, which produces aluminum racks that are both lightweight and durable. The firm has also partnered with major shops and pizza chains to provide specialized components for household names like Noma and Panasonic.

Looking Ahead for a Bright Future

Crown Cookware is dedicated to continual improvement and innovation in both product design and industrial output in the future. All of their concepts are thoroughly researched and tested by their dedicated staff before being released to the public. Crown Cookware, with its unwavering commitment to integrity, dependability, and the pursuit of quality, will continue to offer happiness and contentment to home cooks for years to come.

Over the course of four decades, Crown Cookware has brought joy to many bakers. Their dedication to excellence, traditional values, and cutting-edge products has won the respect of consumers all over the globe. Crown Cookware is committed to moving forward with a culture of excellence, providing commercial and residential kitchens with high-quality cookware that will last for years to come.

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