Discover the Best 5 Project Management Software Well-Suited for Small Business

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Running a small business is similar to rocket science. As the owner, you must focus on your business plan, engage with your clients, organize your personnel, assign tasks, and juggle a variety of other responsibilities while responding to hundreds of crucial emails. Besides, you’ve probably discovered by now that plastering Post-It notes all over your system doesn’t actually work.

These organizational issues only get more unpleasant as you develop. So, if you’re having difficulties remaining in control right now, things are just going to get worse.

Managing your project and clients successfully is strongly reliant on having the correct procedures in place to manage your activities and progress. Choosing a project management solution that is pleasant for both internal and external stakeholders is especially important in software development projects and outsourcing agreements. 

Furthermore, the software development technique that you implement in your firm is vital to consider, since some project management solutions include methodologies such as Agile incorporated in them.

You will be able to overcome these obstacles with the aid of a useful online project management tool. However, going through all of the available alternatives may be rather daunting. So we’re here to assist you in overcoming this obstacle. Let’s take a look at the top five project management software that we believe are well-suited to small businesses.

Basecamp is a popular, frequently used, and complete project management solution that allows you to organize everything. It accomplishes this by offering a broad picture of everything going on in your organization on your home page, and from there you can drill down to obtain additional specifics on projects, teams, and communication.

Basecamp allows you to exchange files, keep track of activities in progress, and much more. It provides teams with a more effective approach to collaborating than email by using a bulletin board, task list, event schedule, and chat room. Overall, it a good software if your team is looking for a freeform setting to boost cooperation.

The pricing starts at $99 a month for the entire business and 10% off for not-for-profits and charities.

File:Trello logo.svg - Wikipedia

Trello is an out-and-out Agile project management software that employs a highly visual, Kanban-style work paradigm. It is a collaborative and online workspace for managing activities of all types, whether they are corporate projects or personal chores. Its easy drag-and-drop capability and user-friendly UI make it a joy to use.

However, utilizing it for actual project management may be ineffective owing to a lack of project management fundamentals such as time-tracking components, Gantt charts, and reporting tools. Nonetheless, it allows for the addition of certain services via app integrations and plug-ins, although they are not included by default in either the free or premium account.

Trello is not only a wonderful tool for collaboration for specific types of teams and projects, but it is also visually appealing and enjoyable to use. However, determining if it is appropriate for your team may need some trial and error.

The pricing starts at $9.95 for Business Class and $20.83 for Enterprise. There is also a free package available.

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Make Project Management Easy with Zoho Projects

A completely free online project management system, Zoho Projects, makes it simple to plan, track, and collaborate on projects. Milestones and task lists, for example, assist you in breaking down big projects into readily achievable chunks. This platform provides more sophisticated control over subtasks, repeating tasks, and dependencies.

The platform has a modern and clean design. Furthermore, the app’s easy design allows you to learn the essentials of how to use it within a few minutes of making an account.

Project creation is straightforward, and the software provides plenty of space to build and manage even the most complicated projects. Once you’ve invited team members to your project workspace and begun adding milestones to your calendar, you’ll be able to discover the tools you need without having to look for them.

The user-friendly design places essential options at your fingers at the correct moment. Furthermore, you may configure your dashboard to display any charts or updates you require first.

You need to pay a flat fee of $50 a month.

Teamwork Review for 2022 | Features, Pricing & User Reviews

Teamwork Projects is one of the most effective project management software available, particularly for small enterprises. This online platform alleviates various project management pain points by providing team members with a simple interface that includes all of the tools required to manage projects. It also allows you to track people’s time, charge clients, and do a variety of other things — all through a simple interface.

It features a modern and sophisticated look while remaining serious. Colour coding in the Activity stream to differentiate file attachments (blue), tasks (pink), comments (green), milestones (brown) and milestones (brown) makes it easier for visually-oriented persons.

Teamwork Projects make it simple to start a project, set tasks and milestones for it, and delegate some of those tasks to other team members.

It is free, but for the Pro Package, you need to pay $9.99 a month.

Brand Assets & Guidelines | ClickUp™

Most businesses charge a premium for what ClickUp provides for free.

In the Free Forever plan, you have unlimited users, tasks, and product features. There are no restrictions on the task management choices or project management tools you can employ. As a result, Every time, an excellent project plan is created. ClickUp is aware of how work is actually completed, which fueled our desire to compulsively develop features to boost productivity.

And, because ClickUp integrates with so many critical team communication tools, your team will continue to work as usual, just quicker and more efficiently on numerous projects.

Whether you’re a single user or a project manager, this robust project management software has you covered.

Your team can choose between a free plan and an upgrade to unlimited storage for a few dollars extra per month. Feel free to use the free version with all of the features and then upgrade to unlimited storage at any time.

The Key Takeaway

We hope this blog assists you in discovering the finest project management software for your small business, or at the very least shortens your search for the greatest match. Finding a suitable solution frequently includes some trial and error, so we recommend giving each one a try to see how you like it.

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