Edward Anassah: Creating An Ecosystem of Inspiration Stories 

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From a very young age, Edward Anassah thought about making a difference in his country and its surrounding region. Growing up in Ghana, he also had the inner drive and appreciation for different cultures and their social impact on society and the economy.

At this juncture, in his junior school period, Edward had the opportunity to organize a sports-related program for a group of expatriates on a business trip throughout Ghana. This experience opened his horizons to what traveling and interacting with people from different worldviews can do to shape a person’s personality and intellect. 

It inspired him to experience different societies around the world and make the decision to travel and learn as much as possible to be resourceful enough to make a difference wherever he went. 

His decision was influenced by the realization of the prospect of technology and community development in radically changing the movement of life and affecting the new generation positively. 

Today, Edward Anassah has grown to become a multicultural trendsetter in his community and abroad. He learned from his travels that entrepreneurship was the path that allowed the West to establish a superior economic system. 

He quickly understood that the West is built on the dream of substantial wealth, governing laws, technology, and entrepreneurship. He also realized that to make a real difference, especially in his community, he needed an understanding of the global differences in major economies and their impacts on culture, sports, businesses, and humanities. He also learned that stability is necessary to be a leader in the new digital, global marketplace and in this space.

Edward spent most of his early years learning from local business owners, parents, strangers, godparents, mentors, schools, sports organizations, and business executives. This dramatically and progressively impacted his life, career path, and journey positively. 

With over 15 years of travel overseas, from Ghana to Atlanta and various parts of the US, the United Kingdom, British Columbia, Stratford, Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, London, and Cambridge, Ontario, he still yearns to add and extend himself beyond the glamour of sitting behind a desk or in a comfort zone. He is still striving to find a niche where ideas, hard work, brainstorming, teamwork, collaboration, and implementation intersect anywhere he goes. 

The Stories of Humble Beginning

Edward Anassah observed that none talks about community leaders, social entrepreneurs, street hawkers, family-run stores, and other small businesses. None celebrates their incredible growth story from the ground up, which is relatable to everyone.

From these thoughts, he decided to materialize his burning passion and ten years of lingering thoughts to launch Humble Beginning Stories. The objective is to recognize grassroots community leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups that no one knows about, such as musicians, woodworkers, wedding planners, fashion designers, actors, actresses, farmers, artisans, and so on.

Humble Beginning is an inclusive ecosystem where entrepreneurs and community influencers share inspirational and diverse stories previously gone unheard. Edward tells compelling stories from various communities, including First Nations, LGBTTTQQIAA, minorities, the diaspora, persons with disabilities, and others.

The core idea for HBS is to engage community leaders in different spaces in Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the private and government sectors. As a result, Humble Beginning Stories has a wide range of global audiences and readership.

Edward Anassah has nearly a decade of startup and digital transformation expertise. He is enthusiastic about leadership, small businesses, community involvement, Africa, and how technology can be utilized to tackle important challenges. Edward is an approved small business mentor who shares his thoughts on his platform.

To read more about the inspirational and diverse stories shared by entrepreneurs and community influencers, visit the HBS website at https://www.hbeonline.com/

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