Empowering Self-Expression: The Story of Sonya Denton, Founder of Peer Circles by weDstll®

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CanadianSME small business magazine has recognized Sonya Denton as its Entrepreneur of the Week due to her relentless contribution to the larger community. The founder and CEO of weDstll® is on a mission to empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves. Her passion for storytelling and connecting people from all walks of life inspired her to launch weDstll®, a social platform that helps users curate and personalize their beauty and wellness experiences based on shared values.

After facing challenges and struggles throughout her career, Sonya Denton has dedicated herself to creating a platform that empowers individuals to define their beauty and wellness journey. Through her personal experiences, she has recognized the importance of self-expression, self-acceptance, and creating a supportive community. With weDstll®, she aims to remove the barriers that prevent individuals from being their authentic selves and foster a space where everyone can feel confident, empowered, and supported.

From Television Broadcasting to Tech Entrepreneurship

Sonya had worked as a reporter and anchor for two Canadian networks before starting weDstll®. Yet it was in Europe, when she discovered the magic of narrative, that she decided to dedicate her life to reporting. Despite facing challenges due to undiagnosed ADHD, Sonya continued to focus on becoming a strong storyteller. 

After quitting the journalism profession to pursue a graduate degree, Sonya was finally diagnosed with ADHD during her MBA studies. This experience inspired her to launch weDstll®, which aims to provide tools for individuals to define who they are and connect with like-minded people and beauty & wellness brands based on shared values. 

Motivation, Struggles, and the Pursuit of Self-Determination

Sonya is of the opinion that one of the most difficult things for women to achieve in the field of technology is to be taken seriously, and this is particularly true for women of colour. She also thinks that many women struggle with the pressure to fit in and meet cultural norms. For this reason, weDstll® really resonates with her because it encourages people to be themselves. 

Her personal experience of grappling with mental wellness and the pressure to conform has spurred her to extend support to young individuals who jeopardize their mental health to belong on social media. In the pursuit of acceptance, many young individuals compromise their authentic selves and yearn for a sense of significance. In response, Sonya’s team has conversed with several young people who assert, “Why can’t I embrace my true identity and still matter?” These individuals seek companions and products that align with their values and beliefs but often confront misjudgment and misinformation that prevent them from achieving this goal.

Peer Circles by weDstll®: Embracing Self-Expression and Empowering Community

The weDstll® platform’s Peer Circles is a unique feature of the weDstll® platform that fosters real human connections and provides a secure and supportive environment. The platform aims to eliminate the hurdles that prevent individuals from embracing their true selves. Peer Circles empowers individuals to create their own communities and curate safe spaces where they can seek beauty and wellness solutions without fear of criticism or misinformation.

Not only does it encourage individuals to express themselves freely and explore their identities but also fosters a positive and supportive community for all. The company’s core values include transparency, trust, and empowering and inspiring individuals to be confident in their own skin. By prioritizing authentic connections and self-expression, weDstll® creates an inclusive and empowering environment that promotes mental wellness and positive self-image.

Importance of Embracing Your Own True Self

Sonya Denton’s tech entrepreneurship spells the importance of embracing self-expression and enabling individuals to be their authentic selves. This journey is a reflection of her unwavering passion for storytelling and bringing people together. It is this passion that inspired her to create weDstll® and its Peer Circles feature, which provides a safe space for individuals to connect and support each other in their beauty and wellness journeys.

Her efforts show that technology has the power to foster connection, build community, and empower individuals to be their true selves. Her brand is a testament to the fact that we need to embrace our uniqueness and create spaces that enable us to be our authentic selves. And only such ideas help build a more inclusive and supportive world where everyone is celebrated for who they are.

To learn more about this initiative and platform, log onto https://wedstll.com/app/ and download the app today!

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