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Dan Radu leads Macro, an agency dedicated to running sales and marketing operations on a global scale for B2B businesses. He founded the company in 2013 after being frustrated with the little care and understanding of digital marketing tools his marketing co-workers had in their jobs. His vision was to empower companies with the digital marketing technologies available.

CanadianSME had a one on one with Dan Radu, Founder of Macromator Inc to get a better understanding of his company and what he’s hoping to accomplish through it as well as a common marketing mistake that entrepreneurs make and his advice and strategies on how to overcome it.

Dan Radu leads Macro, an agency dedicated to running sales and marketing operations on a global scale for B2B businesses. He founded the company in 2013 after being frustrated with the little care and understanding of digital marketing tools his marketing co-workers had in their jobs. His vision is to empower companies with the digital marketing technologies available.

Dan’s professional background is from both agency and client side. He learned modern marketing practices enabled by digital tech while consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and additionally at in-house marketing roles across Europe and North America. Dan has a combined degree in Marketing and IT from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.

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  • Young CEO who build a successful professional services company while in his mid-20s.
  • Immigrant to Canada from 2000
  • Always appreciated international work experience and the value which different cultures bring to the table; Dan worked abroad in Sweden and Romania
  • Always worked to pay for his education and sustain himself
  • Lived in Toronto Community Housing during High School years, but was able to get his family out of the situation through hard work and education
  • Spend time freelancing to learn and practice the necessary technical skills he found are crucial in the new digital economy

Founded in 2013, the agency services enterprise clients across North America and Europe with both marketing strategy and marketing operations services. The highly skilled team of MarTech specialists help companies run global sales & marketing operations.

The company is also referred to as Marketing Operations (MOps) Agency. The company is headquartered in Toronto and has satellite offices in Romania and India which provide services to global clients in different timezones.

Macromator is a member of the

  • Canadian Marketing Association (CMA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Engaged in active partnerships with many MarTech vendors
Can you give us more information about Macro, your company? What is the mission of the company? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Thank you for the interview. At Macro, we make it easy for companies to improve and track their revenue by running efficient sales and marketing operations. Companies that show up at our doorsteps need an extra hand with complex marketing automation, digital marketing technologies (MarTech) and customer relationship management (CRM).

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You also run the MarTech Toronto Community. Can you tell us more about that? What is the community all about?

Seven years ago, I’ve started organizing events for digital marketing professionals to get together and talk about their jobs and the tools they need to use. We were mostly gathering in bars and coffee shops to chat about our jobs. Today the community brings together over 600 marketing technologists to collaborate, share knowledge, and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Many of the promising marketing technology companies from the Toronto start-up scene presented at one point over the years.

What inspired you to go into this line of business?

Technology should be enabling companies, not impeding them. Working for digital marketing agencies either as full-time or freelancer, I’ve quickly realized the importance of marketing departments using their arsenal of tools to their full potential. Different barriers always occurred, such as broken processes or politics which never really enabled companies to be empowered by their technologies. I wanted to change that and create a good reputation for the marketing technologist profession.

You’ve brought a new vision to marketing by incorporating technology. Do you believe this will be the future of marketing?

Marketing fundamentals remain the same, however, digital technologies are constantly changing. Marketers are constantly under pressure to patch together new widgets and tools.  There is always a new one coming to the market, new features are rolled out and companies often have to leverage several tools working together in a “marketing stack”. The success of the marketer in the future will depend upon how successful they are at leveraging these digital tools efficiently.  

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What would you say is the biggest challenge that SME owners face when it comes to marketing their business?

Let’s say you are selling technology, like many of our customers are; I’ve seen companies too many times being focused on marketing features and benefits. The technological capabilities of your solutions are fundamentally conceptual in their value. You should market what pain they will avoid and what pleasure they will gain. #ProTip

You help companies come up with better marketing and sales strategies. What impact do you believe this has on companies when it comes to growing their business and increasing their revenue?

Revenue should always be the main goal of both sales and marketing. In order to track the revenue impact, companies need to use what is called “Attribution models”. To give you some advance examples these can be “First Touch Attribution”, “Last-Touch Attribution” or “Multi-Touch Attribution”.

What is your company’s biggest accomplishment to date?

Servicing enterprise clients has been a big accomplishment. They benefit from very good value for sales & marketing operation services and our book of business grew over the years. I’m also personally very happy when I see my team members building great careers at the company and we made an impact on the lifestyle of almost everyone who works for us.

What common mistakes do entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing and sales and how can you help them overcome these mistakes?

Building a fully aligned marketing and sales organization is key from the beginning. From the way you seduce your prospects to how you understand their pain points has to be a streamlined process and feedback loop. By that I mean, what you promise them on your website and how you interact with them via email communications and how you walk them through a sales process needs to be a continuous pleasant experience.    

What advice can you give to SME owners who are looking for better marketing strategies to grow their business?

Less can be more. Find a few marketing technologies that work well together, without over complicating what you are trying to achieve. Don’t put the digital marketing technologies and tactics before the fundamental strategies. As you are building your marketing technology stack, build processes and designate ownership for people around the tools you deploy to support your sales & marketing operations.  

Where do you see Macro 10 years from now? What is the overall goal?

Our mission is simple: To be the most efficient sales & marketing operations for enterprise clients. The company will continue to evolve that is certain, all businesses do over decades. We’ll be doing bigger and better work but on a larger scale.



417 Bloor St West, Unit 203

Toronto, ON, Canada M5S 1X0


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