eQuo Launches #GoSmallCanada Campaign to Support Small Businesses Hit Hard by the Pandemic

Small Business Canada

– Matchmaking platform aims to connect small businesses with accredited and retail investors –

TORONTO, July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Small businesses will get some big love this summer with the launch of eQuo’s #GoSmallCanada campaign. A marketing initiative to support entrepreneurs, the new matchmaking platform connects small businesses with investors, capital, customers, and talent, while accredited and retail investors get access to great small businesses.

As advocates for entrepreneurs, eQuo is challenging Canadians to come together and support small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) online or in-store. eQuo’s #GoSmallCanada campaign is being kicked off by former Waterloo, ON mayor, Brenda Halloran who is issuing her own challenge to fellow mayors, past, present, and incumbent, to Go Small.

“Every street in every city and town across Canada deserves a thriving small business community,” says Halloran. “They are the backbone of our economy. I know my fellow mayors believe in small businesses, too. That’s why I’m leading #GoSmallCanada. I believe in our entrepreneurs and know that their success is our success. I want to challenge every mayor to join this campaign.”

Consumers across the country are encouraged to share their small business purchases with photos or videos on social media and tag their favourite hidden gem using the hashtags #GoSmallCanada and your #city or #town.

Shyra and Rye Barberstock, co-founders of Okwaho Equal Source, an Indigenous-owned social purpose enterprise in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, are joining the #GoSmallCanada campaign as co-leaders to support Indigenous small businesses and communities.

“Together, we can show how big small businesses can become when they have the support of their community,” says Shyra. “Creating an inclusive Canadian economy begins with understanding the role we must play in promoting and practicing a culture of reconciliation. Real reconciliation begins with collaboration, cooperation, and economic prosperity. Initiatives like the #GoSmallCanada campaign contribute to economic reconciliation by providing Indigenous (and small) businesses with a national platform and access to new markets.”

Barry Hillier, CEO of eQuo, is always eager to highlight the importance of providing small businesses with the support they need to be profitable. It’s the driving idea behind the #GoSmallCanada marketing campaign in support of small business.

“The reality is 90 per cent of entrepreneurs are building “small” companies, but our ecosystem is built for scale-ups pursuing billion-dollar valuations,” explains Hillier. “There’s a massive disconnect there when you consider 90 per cent of accredited investors would rather invest in businesses and industries they understand, with business models that make sense to them, before chasing unicorns. Now is the time to be the advocates that our entrepreneurs need.”

“So, whether you are staying local this summer or travelling elsewhere in Canada, we’re encouraging Canadians to share their favourite small business to show that any small purchases or investments can make change on a large scale.”

About eQuo

Based in Toronto, eQuo provides funding and capital alternatives that complement the traditional ecosystem. The company is dedicated to ALL entrepreneurs and investors, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. eQuo is building the first inclusive matchmaking platform to help small businesses find the funding, investors, capital, and customers they need to grow.

eQuo invites high net-worth investors and family offices who want to invest in SMB’s but don’t use traditional Angel Networks to find them. We also include small scale investors who may not invest a lot of money individually but can collectively help raise a company to the next level through crowd funding campaigns. Additionally, eQuo offers alternative capital and credit solutions to solve cash flow problems such as lines of credit, credit cards, currency exchanges, invoice factoring and other credit facilities.

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