Essential tech resolutions for small business

Essential tech resolutions for small business

For start-ups and newly established small businesses, growth can be one of the hardest goals to achieve. There are so many hurdles to overcome on a regular basis that survival often becomes the main focus. A common issue for many small businesses is that they don’t have the staff numbers to take care of routine functions. Owners and managers often spread themselves too thin to the detriment of their business. 

While it’s normal for business owners to put a lot of time and effort into their venture, it’s important for them to also realize they can’t do it all. At some point, they need to seek help, advice, and services from elsewhere. Outsourcing services such as IT., accounting, payroll, and HR is a useful option for some companies. It allows the owners and management to concentrate on the core functions of the business, thereby maximizing opportunities for success. 

In today’s digital era, people are constantly engaged by one form of technology or the other. Technological advancements influence all industries. Companies of all sizes must embrace technology to thrive in modern business. 

Here are five ways technology can boost the success of your small business.  

Digital management

Management tools and project management software can help your team interact in real-time. There are many more advantages to digital management tools, particularly when it comes to managing large teams.

Digital management tools can be used to manage and store files, invoices, and account information. Employees can also use computer-based tools for accessing and sharing business-related documents. 


Targeted advertising is a must for modern businesses. One of the most effective advertising techniques for a small business is advertising via social media. 

Essential tech resolutions for small business

Through research and analysis, you should be able to establish a clear target market. This target audience should be broken down into specific segments that can be targeted via paid advertisements. Create adverts to suit each segment and launch a digital advertising campaign. It’s also important to outline KPIs to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. Monitor the progress, analyze the results, and use the information gained for future campaigns. 

The mobile audience is the future

Mobile has surpassed desktops when it comes to website traffic. Your website, social media, and digital advertising strategy should be optimized for mobile users. 

We are beginning to see increased numbers of transactions from mobile devices too. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this segment of the marketplace and ensure that you plan and target the mobile audience.

Improved security

With such a reliance on the internet and digital technology in recent years, there has also been an increase in cybercrime. To many people’s surprise, small businesses and start-ups are regularly targeted by hackers. Cybercriminals see smaller companies as easy targets for theft. 

It’s vital for small businesses to implement strong security measures. Being trustworthy and reliable when it comes to customer information can be advantageous for your company, so ensure you take all necessary security measures and beware of data breaches. 

Remote access 

Technology has changed the way regular business is conducted. There are no longer standard practices when it comes to business operations. One of the most important technological changes in recent years is the emergence of remote working. 

Due to the availability of communication software, high-speed internet, conference call technologies, and other digital tools, employees can now get their work done remotely. There is less need for physical presence at meetings or conferences.

To Wrap It Up

Technological advancements reduce costs, increases the bottom line, and boost the potential for success. They can be highly beneficial in helping small businesses get maximum things done without spending too much. For more information, please subscribe to the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine. 

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