Featuring Our Business Woman of the Month: Women Helping Empower Women’s Founder Dr. Georgette Zinaty

Featuring Our Business Woman of the Month: Women Helping Empower Women's Founder Dr. Georgette Zinaty
Image Courtesy: Dr. Georgette Zinaty

Dr. Georgette Zinaty brings her expertise in Diversity and Inclusion to our leadership consultancy and training initiatives. Dr. Zinaty has been an executive and senior leader at the University of Toronto. An alumna of the University of Toronto, Dr. Zinaty holds a Bachelor degree in English and Political Science, a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Liverpool, a Master’s of Science from the Henley School of Business and a certificate on “Leading Strategic Change within Organizations” from Harvard University.

She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration—a joint program with the Rotman School of Business and the Henley School of Business. Dr. Zinaty’s research focuses on business leadership, diversity, inclusion and the future of leadership.

Dr. Zinaty has worked at the University of Toronto for more than two decades, where she’s held numerous leadership positions. Most recently, she served as Executive Director of Advancement in the Faculty of Engineering.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Strength is reflected in strengthening others, which is why entrepreneurs often start a support group; they need support from their peers to navigate the uncertainties of business ventures. One woman entrepreneur who’s making waves in this arena is Dr. Georgette Zinaty, who has an MBA, MSc, and DBA. Dr. Georgette is a prominent figure in the fields of corporate leadership and diversity and inclusion (D&I). This is the reason why she is named the July Business Woman of the Month for her incredible journey and accomplishments. What’s more, Dr. Georgette has played a pivotal role in promoting inclusive leadership practices and empowering women in several fields as the creator of WHEW! (Women Helping Empower Women), an organization that aims to do just that.

A Promising Career and Academic Path

As a matter of fact, her academic trajectory is as impressive as her professional accomplishments. Dr. Georgette holds degrees from the University of Toronto in English and Political Science, the University of Liverpool in Master of Business Administration, the Henley School of Business in Master of Science, and Harvard University’s Leading Strategic Change within Organizations certificate. Her pursuit of knowledge also led her to be a doctoral candidate in a collaborative program between the Henley School of Business and the Rotman School of Business, where she earned her business administration degree.

Dr. Georgette’s pioneering research in corporate leadership, diversity and inclusion, and future leadership potential has solidified her as a leading figure in her field. Combining quantitative and qualitative methods, her research has significantly illuminated the importance of diversity in organizational performance and women’s leadership roles.

Positions Held by Leaders and Their Results

So, what really distinguished Dr. Georgette? Her outstanding leadership talents in several executive roles over her 20 years of service at the University of Toronto. During her tenure at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC), she oversaw development and alumni relations and was also the head of the engineering faculty’s advancement department. She oversaw campaigns that surpassed their objectives, created groundbreaking programming, and greatly increased alumni participation in her previous positions.

While serving as the Director for the University of Toronto Awards and Honours in the Office of the Vice President, Research, Dr. Georgette was instrumental in elevating the institution’s profile on a global scale and in setting benchmarks for success. In fact, she has also been an active leader outside of academia, having served on the Advisory Board at the University of Liverpool and the Business Excellence Awards Committee of the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Promoter and Trailblazer in the Field of Women’s Empowerment

Interestingly enough, initiating WHEW! Women Helping Empower Women demonstrates Dr. Georgette’s dedication to women’s empowerment and leadership. This charitable organization’s mission is to promote gender equality via its many activities and services for women. On top of that, she was instrumental in establishing the Leader-2-Leader conference, an annual event that promotes inclusive leadership techniques and encourages dialogue on workforce-related issues.

Image Courtesy: Women Helping Empower Women

The Canadian Immigrant designated her an “Immigrant Woman of Inspiration” in 2018, and she has won other accolades for her efforts in the workplace and at universities, including the Stepping Up Award for Innovation and the Canadian University Productivity Award. (More recent awards include the CILAR Aspiring Innovator of the Year Award. This inaugural annual award recognizes Black, Indigenous Peoples, and People of Colour who are aspiring innovators from across Canada positively impacting their communities and demonstrating great innovations and the Remarkable Citizen Award in Ontario as well as the Heritage Hero Award in Mississauga.  Most recently, she has been awarded the Inspirational Leader Award by CSPN.

As the Founder WHEW! Women Helping Empower Women, Dr. Zinaty published a book on the scarcity of women and diversity in leadership called Why Not YOU? where 100% of all the profits go to support WHEW! 

This and myriads of other acclamations reflect Dr. Georgette’s sincere efforts towards a more equitable business ecosystem for the progress of the Canadian economy.

Check out Dr. Georgette’s official website here for more information about her initiatives. 

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