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Ego aside, I don’t always have the need to be right (would be fantastic though!) but I do have the need to at least have my thoughts heard. The need to be heard is universal and inherent in all of us and if we are disregarded, it can lead to frustration. It is easy to blame others and circumstances, but could we be contributing to our own frustration by neglecting to grow our ability to effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas?

Another contributing factor to feeling like our voices are not being heard is rooted in your audience’s need to understand clearly. No one gets excited about uninspiring and unprepared ramble that does not move their heart and mind with the potential of possibilities. If you’re unprepared, be prepared that your audience will be unprepared to receive your message!

Here are Five Amplifying Techniques that will keep the attention of your audience and ensure your message comes across…


It demonstrates to others that you care about your message and you respect their time. Orchestrating your words can cut out the clutter and infuse the clarity that most people desire. It creates a structure to your message and allows you to build better stories that will resonate and last longer in the memory of your audience.


The FM radio frequency most people by default tune into is W.I.I.F.M. – What’s In It For Me! That’s not good or bad but represents a frequency that connects on their wavelength. Crafting our communication towards the personal benefit of our audience can elicit buy-in quicker and keep people engaged longer.


If you lack confidence in yourself and your content, so will your audience. Conviction instills a belief that activates assurance in others. People are always looking for certainty in an uncertain world and if you can represent solid footing, chances are people will want to follow you and listen to what you have to say.


Use your words to generate mental maps for your audience. Most people will go along with you if they clearly understand where you are going. Buy-in regularly sounds like, ‘I see where this is going’ and confusion sounds like, ‘this isn’t going to end well’. Asking people to take a leap of faith is telling them you do not even know where you are headed and sounds like a sleazy salesperson who says, “trust me – I know what I’m doing!”

Part of the Greater Good.

In this market, there is a weight loss company for men whose slogan is, “If you could have done it alone, you would have done it already!”. Most people want to be a valued part of a team that suggests we are all-in, all-together. Making your team feel like their contributions matter, will make your message matter. Most people respond well to a well-timed pep talk – in other words, Inspiration creates Perspiration. Consider baking these into your cadence of communication and your teams will seek out your voice more often.

If you want to step-up and develop the Confidence, Clarity, and Certainty in your voice, it’s easier than you think. It just takes a measure of focus. You need to decide if your product/service/idea is worth it. You need to decide that your voice is worth being heard then set out to become the captivating communicator who wins the room more often!


While simultaneously delivering record-setting sales results in various Sales Leadership roles, Shiraz Siddique has been actively training, consulting and delivering keynotes for more than 20 years in both the Academic and Corporate world. His passionate and innovative delivery style allows him to navigate past the reality that most people want to learn but do not enjoy the traditional process of learning. Through easy to apply techniques and strategies, he helps companies generate the types of results they have always felt they are capable of.

Frustrated after seeing poor ideas get adopted over far superior strategies, Leverage Consulting was founded on one question, “Why doesn’t the best idea always win?” That forced a flipside question, “Why do my prospects consistently select us over the competition?”

Whether delivering group presentations or connecting 1:1, we work with Leaders, Salespeople, and Entrepreneurs to grow their persuasion and influence. We guide our clients through the process of Calculating, Calibrating and Clearly Communicating their product, service or idea.

Our sessions are deliberately designed to challenge participants’ thinking. Our priority is to ensure the learning experience is connected, relevant and enjoyable. We go beyond building successful training programs – we believe in building successful people through skill, confidence, and presence. Ensure your idea wins in your next team meeting or client presentation.

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