Flowfinity: Automating Custom Business Process Management 

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Flowfinity is a no-code platform used to create, automate, and integrate apps for unique business processes. With Flowfinity, IT and business professionals can create adaptable, scalable data-collecting apps and workflows without investing the time and resources needed to write and maintain code.

Flowfinity aids in creating business process management systems that promote digital transformation. The no-code platform automates custom business process management applications and accelerates digital transformation by integrating human and Internet of Things networks. 

Flowfinity is a growing privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with offices in Europe and Asia Pacific with a global customer base. They work on the mission to speed the success of organizations in all industries by digitally reimagining core business processes leveraging no-code application configuration.

The user-friendly platform combines an interactive dashboard, a web-based app editor, a SQL database, powerful mobile data collecting, process automations, and trustworthy integrations to provide service to business leaders, IT professionals, analysts and developers.

Simplify Your Application Deployment

Flowfinity builds data collection applications and automated workflows that boost productivity, ensure data accuracy, and simplify reporting without code. In addition, they also provide the following function

  • They test and deploy in rapid development cycles to move solutions quickly from concept to reality, avoiding IT backlog.
  • They inspire innovation in business for competitive advantage and empower them to build apps and democratize innovation to benefit from collective knowledge. 
  • By responding effectively to rapid change they address operational issues in real-time and deploy new apps proactively to stay resilient in the face of constant change.
  • Flowinfinity redefines business processes to drive ROI. To achieve this goal, they streamline operations with digital workflows and discover new revenue streams that transform business.
  • They empower business leaders with no-code development tools that let them engage in the collective expertise of their organization to deliver solutions perfectly suited to their unique challenges.
  • They democratize innovation by allowing business units to build the applications they need collaboratively, making access to market faster with reduced IT costs thereby establishing a lasting competitive advantage.

The Birth Of An Innovative Business Model

Flowfinity was originally conceived to digitize business process forms using the then revolutionary mobile email devices. They have since innovated new technologies and evolved their  platform to support full-scale enterprise solutions that have been embraced by a diverse range of industry leaders and public sector organizations.

Since 2000, their team of talented IT professionals has inspired strategic thinkers to envision and deliver powerful mobile data collection and workflow automation applications quickly, without having to ‘speak code’.

They follow a core philosophy of declarative software application development. Declarative means that you only need to configure what you want the app to do when you develop it in Flowfinity, not how the app should do it.

They do all the complex procedural programming and security work behind the scenes so that their clients can just build, test, and deploy.

This declarative approach guides every aspect of their R&D and has resulted in a unique, intuitive app configuration toolset that has earned several patents.

They partner with leading organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, public sector governments, and forward-thinking SMBs who leverage solutions built in Flowfinity to boost productivity, improve visibility into operations, and enhance communication between teams.

Flowfinity Coronavirus Response

Flowfinity prioritized health and safety of their employees and provided service to their customers. They took precautionary steps to ensure  they provide uninterrupted customer support while protecting the health of their employees during the escalated outbreak.

Flowfinity expanded its remote work programme and fully supported and encourage critical employees from all business units to do their jobs outside of the office, prevent face-to-face contact, and lower the risk of various infections in their workforce. 

They limited all non-essential business travel and monitored all government travel advisories.

They ensured continuity of cloud service to customers, through their multiple server locations that provide data and service redundancy in the case of a localized outage or quarantine. They also provided customer support team to give guidance in amending business processes that allow remote work and automation during the pandemic situation.

For over 20 years Flowfinity has been serving global business community by empowering them to create, automate and integrate custom data collection applications with interactive operational intelligence dashboards and IoT edge computing workflows without code. 

Unleash innovation to transform your business and achieve lasting competitive advantage with the Flowfinity no-code platform. To know more about Flowfinity, visit their website https://www.flowfinity.com/.   

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