Frontier Collective: On The Precipice Of A Technological Revolution

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The Frontier Collective is a technology, culture, and community leader working to advance technology development and support. The non-traditional organization promotes the region’s technology economy on a global scale, increases investment and infrastructure for early-stage companies, and draws varied talent to Vancouver.

By exploiting the city’s current innovation climate, the Frontier Collective aims to position Vancouver as Canada’s digital capital and a top-five global leader in frontier technology by 2030 by exploiting the city’s current innovation climate.

Vancouver is a growing hub for Frontier technologies, including Web3, the metaverse, VR/AR, climate tech, computer vision, robotics, biotech, ag-tech, EV, artificial intelligence (AI), connected systems, digital technology, and culture. Frontier Collective works to assist Vancouver in capitalizing on its enormous opportunity to lead the world in cutting-edge technology, ushering in a new wave of transformation, economic success, and high-paying jobs.

The Frontier Collective is building a movement to make Vancouver the top destination for cutting-edge technology, with the conviction that now is the time to accelerate regional innovation and growth.

Frontier technologies are cutting-edge developments on the edge of becoming mainstream which can change how we perceive, interact with, and live in the world. They are horizontal technologies intended to be utilized as tools by various industries and businesses, and no sector will be untouched. It represents a huge social and economic opportunity.

Strategic Approach

Without the support of governments and leaders, these industries may seek more favourable conditions overseas. Understanding the consequences, Frontier Collective aims to create a new future for future generations by focusing on three crucial areas.

  • Communication and advocacy

Despite its many frontier technology companies, Vancouver has yet to be widely acknowledged as a world-leading technological center. Frontier Collective tells eye-catching local stories to a global audience to highlight the city’s excellence and create a new narrative.

  • Ecosystem Infrastructure 

Frontier Collective programs mobilize investment in crucial places for incubation, design, and collaboration across frontier technologies and aid in scaling early-stage firms.

  • Talent 

Talent is the glue of the technology ecosystem, but the talent gap is growing as Vancouver’s digital companies expand. Frontier Collective efforts connect workers with local businesses, place students in jobs, and assist adults in re-skilling.

Dynamic Team 

The Frontier Collective is a coalition of leaders who work together to promote the region’s cutting-edge tech industry on the world stage, grow investment and infrastructure for early-stage companies, and attract diverse talent to Vancouver.

They believe the future of the world’s growth lies within the startup and frontier tech ecosystem. As a hotbed of innovation and creativity, Vancouver has the potential to become a global powerhouse, and Frontier Collective is striving to fulfill it.  

Dan Burgar

Dan Burgar is a true pioneer and influencer in the technology space within the VR/AR/Metaverse industry. He is committed to driving adoption and innovation in the metaverse to enhance human experiences. 

His foundation for community building is centred around collaboration, inclusivity and diversity to create a sustainable, equitable and innovative future, leading him to found the Frontier Collective.

He is a Co-Founder at Shape Immersive, a leading innovative VR/AR company that builds 3D and NFT marketplace technology for the world’s leading brands. Dan focuses on collaborating with companies to help them understand VR/AR and 3D technologies and to develop strategies for companies to roadmap for the future of computing. His mission has been to advance immersive technology as a productive tool that will change the world.

Dan is also the President of the Vancouver VR/AR Association and has led the growth of the VR/AR/Metaverse ecosystem in Vancouver, BC, and has been integral to turning the region into a world-leading hub for VR/AR. 

He promotes technology adoption, incubates early-stage companies, scales VR/AR companies, facilitates international trade, attracts foreign investment and builds communities. He believes Vancouver has the opportunity to become a global leader in innovation and frontier technology. 

He was featured in Forbes, Breakfast TV, Business in Vancouver, Roundhouse Radio, The Georgia Straight, CTV, Global News, BC Tech, and BetaKit, and has spoken at Web Summit, SXSW, Annecy Festival France, Cambridge House: Extraordinary Future Conference, AWE, VR Days, AWE EU, VR/AR Global Summit, and DGC Dubai. 

Dan is also a contributing writer for TechCrunch, Betakit, VR Scout, VR Focus, BC Business, and DailyHive. In addition, he was named one of BIV’s Top 40 Under 40 for 2018 and one of BIV’s top tech leaders.

Creating Community

Frontier Collective is a community and ecosystem builder that has helped Vancouver become a thriving innovation centre. They seek to make frontier technology available to everyone to create a future that accepts many different ideas and civilizations.

They organize local and international events to bring people and opportunities to Vancouver. The Frontier Collective hosts local events to bring British Columbians together in a creative and inclusive environment to exchange new initiatives and ideas. 

These encouraging gatherings bring together talent, investors, corporations, and government and give a welcoming environment for individuals unfamiliar with cutting-edge technology to learn about the industry.

Their international trade events and initiatives help to showcase Vancouver as a business destination and attract investment, allowing enterprises to receive capital and revenue. Members of the Frontier Collective have previously organized activations at the Collision conference, SXSW, and Web Summit.

Frontier Collective represents the fastest-growing industries in the city, and through their initiatives, they build an inclusive and sustainable innovation ecosystem. For more information about their services, visit the website at

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