Hamidreza Etebarian: Revolutionizing Real Estate Valuation with Offerland Technologies

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The real estate industry is a bustling arena, constantly evolving with new technologies and innovations. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Hamidreza Etebarian, Co-founder & CEO of Offerland Technologies, has emerged as a visionary leader. With a deep passion for both engineering and real estate, Hamidreza embarked on a journey to revolutionize property valuation using advanced tools and automation. Fresh out of grad school, he left his promising career in civil engineering to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams.

Considering Hamidreza’s strength and potential to really change the paradigm, the CanadianSME Small Business Magazine is proud to declare him our Entrepreneur of this Week’s edition. We commend his resolve to fortify Canada’s real estate industry with the help of relevant technology.

A Passion for Building a Product from Scratch

Hamidreza Etebarian’s interest in building tall buildings with flawless architecture was fostered during his stay at the Vancouver office of the civil engineering company Glotman Simpson. While constructing skyscrapers to endure a variety of weights and situations, he discovered the vast untapped potential in the real estate market. This insight sparked his motivation to create a product from scratch, with the aim of improving the real estate industry via the use of automation and cutting-edge technologies.

A Journey of Excellence

Hamidreza’s journey to becoming a trailblazer in the real estate industry can be traced back to his early academic accomplishments.  He did very well on the admission test for Iran’s top-tier Sharif University of Technology, placing 300th out of 300,000. Subsequently, he pursued a master’s degree in applied science in structural and earthquake engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Armed with a solid educational foundation and a burning entrepreneurial spirit, Hamidreza was ready to make his mark.

Offerland Technologies: Transforming Property Valuation

In 2019, Hamidreza co-founded Offerland Technologies along with COO Roz Seyednejad and CTO Amir Abdi. Offerland Technologies harnesses the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to modernize property valuation, a task traditionally performed manually. With a focus on residential real estate, the company has already attracted prominent clients, including a Big Five bank, one of Canada’s largest appraisal management companies, and the country’s largest private appraisal firm.

Revolutionizing the Valuation Process:

Offerland Technologies offers a subscription-based service with two main products: a market evaluation tool and a market rent evaluation tool. Through their platform, companies can effortlessly access comprehensive reports by simply entering an address. Users gain valuable insights, such as the actual value of the property and recent comparables, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence. By automating and streamlining the valuation process, Offerland Technologies saves time and empowers real estate professionals to optimize their strategies.

Driving Expansion and Growth:

Driven by its initial success, Offerland Technologies has rapidly grown its team to 16 dedicated professionals. The company has already secured substantial capital through government grants and is now seeking its second round of financing. With this additional funding, Offerland Technologies aims to venture into other facets of the real estate space, catering to the industrial, commercial, and agricultural property markets.

Hamidreza Etebarian has revolutionized the real estate valuation industry with a ground-breaking new platform thanks to his lifelong interest in engineering and his knack for creating groundbreaking new solutions. With Offerland Technologies at the helm, we can expect more effective and data-driven methods of assessing properties, giving professionals more agency and fundamentally altering the way we value real estate assets.

You can gather more information about the services offered by Offerland Technologies by logging onto https://offerland.ca/.

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