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Starting up a company is very challenging. Ensuring you have all the proper paperwork and licences, getting the right investors, resources and off course having enough funds to launch, it can all be very overwhelming. Business Link was created to take that responsibility away from you by providing you with all the help you need to start your business in Alberta.

Who They Are

Business Link is Alberta’s entrepreneurial hub. They are a non-profit organisation who have been helping entrepreneurs start off their business since 1996. Although their team is small compared to other organisations, they have a strong team that has a true passion when it comes to helping small businesses. With the support of the Governments of Canada and Alberta, Business Link is able to have the funds they require when it comes to ensuring the success of businesses from the very beginning.

What They Do

Business Link is there from the minute that entrepreneurs come up with an innovative idea and need assistance into taking the next step to turn it into a business up until the minute the company has been launched and is growing into a successful business. They provide all the tools and resources to help business owners start off and give them access to training and programs so they can be successful.

Advice and Research:

  • Providing one-on-one guidance to building a business plan and getting the proper funding.
  • Helping business owners learn about licensing and regulatory requirements.
  • Giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to have access to local business experts who can provide them with tips and answer all their questions.
  • Doing market research to ensure that the proper clientele exists prior to launching your business.

Training and Webinars:

  • A variety of business training programs to help entrepreneurs increase their business knowledge which can help them in managing their business.
  • Live Webinars for entrepreneurs to connect with experts and get the answers they need.

Indigenous Services:

  • For indigenous entrepreneurs: personal one-on-one service, informative guidebooks, funding programs, connections to a network of service providers and free Indigenous Entrepreneur Workshop.
  • For indigenous communities (First Nations, Métis and Inuit): free small business training delivered in their community, presence at tradeshows, job fairs and other entrepreneurial-focused events and complimentary mail-outs of small business guidebooks.

Small Business Events:

  • Hosting, participating and sponsoring in events that give small business owners the occasion to learn, network, share ideas and encounter other business owners like themselves.

Business Tools and Services:

  • List of tools and resources that can help business owners in any area when it comes to launching their business and managing it into a successful company.

How Business Link Can Help Financing Your Business

Financing is the most crucial part when it comes to starting your business. Ensuring you have enough cash flow and getting the proper loan as well as potential investors is a challenge all on its own. Business Link helps entrepreneurs like yourself by ensuring that you have all the information you need and help you when it comes to getting access to funds. They help you identify potential sources of funding, make sure that you meet all their requirements and help prepare your application and pitch. There are several funding programs that are specialized to meet your business needs and Business Link helps you find the proper one. By putting you in touch with experts that can understand your business needs, they will ensure that you have all the information so you can choose the best approach when it comes to choosing a funding program that meets your requirements. Business Link will also ensure that you are prepared when it comes to meeting all the requirements that certain lenders require prior to giving you financial aid.

Starting, Running and Growing Your Business

To help entrepreneurs start their business and manage it successfully, Business Links ensures that they get help from professionals when it comes to certain aspects of running their business by giving them a list of available professionals in their area. There are certain things that as a business owner you can’t do or are limited to do, and that’s normal. This is why it’s important to seek help from professionals who are qualified in those areas.

  • Accountants: they help with setting up your business plan, tax planning and financial matters.
  • Lawyers: they help with setting up the right structure for your business and dealing with liability issues.
  • Business Consultants: help with all aspects of your business and provide consulting services.
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada: they help with business insurance and risk management.

By setting you up with these resources, Business Link is providing every possible opportunity to entrepreneurs to ensure the success of their business from the very beginning. With small businesses covering 95% of business in Alberta, ensuring that they are successful from the very beginning is crucial which is why Business Link has every intention of contributing towards the success of small businesses.

For more information please visit:

Head office: #500-10150-100 Street NW. Edmonton, AB, T5J 0P6 | Parking can be found via Parkopedia. | Locations in Edmonton and area and Calgary.

Hours of Operation:

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm  |  Closed weekends and statutory holidays.


Toll free: 1-800-272-9675 across Canada | Edmonton local: 780-422-7722
TTY: 1-800-457-8466 (for the deaf or hard of hearing)

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