How Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce Empowers Women Entrepreneurs across Canada?

How Canadian Women's Chamber of Commerce Empowers Women Entrepreneurs across Canada?

CanWCC or Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s first and only women’s chamber of commerce. Their goal is to assist women and non-binary business owners by offering them the resources to advocate and succeed for genuine change in structures and parliament that have generally been held by marinized gender.

In short, CanWCC is a non-profit national organization established to pinpoint two of the most pressing issues experienced by women entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada.

  • Systematic barriers to success
  • Lack of community connection

What Led to the Formation of CanWCC?

Nancy Wilson, CEO and founder of CanWCC, completely left behind the security of the corporate world for entrepreneurial opportunity, flexibility, and freedom. 

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Nancy risked her shingles as an independent accountant serving businesses owned by women but soon realized that working as a female entrepreneur in Canada presented several significant challenges and hurdles. She heard her frustrations continue to echo in her clients and was forced to notice that they didn’t seem to be reflected in the male ‘experience’ of entrepreneurship.

At the same time, Nancy Wilson searched for the community. Still, she discovered that most online groups targeting women lack the genuine growth tools and valuable connections that would benefit her business. So she planned to do something about it, and in 2018, CanWCC was born.

How CanWCC Serve Its Members?

Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce serves its members by providing access to:

  • Community

They build a solid network of women based on successful business growth.

  • Connection

They provide an opportunity to contribute voices and experiences and help participate in shaping new strategies for women’s businesses.

  • Impact

CanWCC sees this strategy as an advocacy program for policymakers, calling on them to tackle systematic issues to make sustainable change.

  • Resources

They provide discounts, referrals, and resources from the partner network to accomplish your goals.

CanWCC offers numerous benefits that can’t be found anywhere else. What makes them exceptional is their ability to efficiently advocate for their members as Canada’s first and only Chamber of Commerce for women entrepreneurs.

A Little about CanWCC Values

  • CanWCC Values Community and Connection

CanWCC believes that the interests of business and society are not mutually exclusive. Like enterprises depend on community resources, they are also responsible for returning them something that supports them. Therefore, CanWCC is committed to promoting, enhancing, and developing cultural values, well-being, and businesses that support their communities and themselves.

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  • CanWCC Values Collaboration

CanWCC believes that change is best achieved by working with others. Thus they have decided to focus on complementing instead of competing with resources, services, and organizations in the business ecosystem of Canada. They value the mutual benefit of every party in all partnerships with sponsors, members, governments, partner organizations and the public. 

  • CanWCC Values Change

CanWCC values flexibility, repeatability, adaptability, and self-efficacy in all its operations, policies, advocacies, resources, programs, services, and relationships with sponsors, members, governments, partner organizations, and the public. They are committed to ensuring that CamWCC continues to respond to modifications in the business ecosystem of Canada and concerns expressed by participants.

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What Are the Benefits of Being a CanWCC Member?

If you’re planning to establish a successful business tomorrow, today, or in the future, being a member of CanWCC can wide open a wide array of opportunities for you in terms of accessing resources and tools, along with promotional offers and discounts on various services to help you reach your goals effectively.


  • Connecting with lenders and sponsors that serve women and a variety of industries
  • Information and education on money, social media, and pricing, etc.
  • Training and tools to fit your needs and busy schedule

CanWCC believes that identity and gender expression are fundamental rights. Their membership is open to all identified women and non-binary people. They are devoted to inclusive and anti-discriminatory practices in their organization and membership offerings.

So, why wait? Click here for more information about how to become a CanWCC member.

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