How CDW Is Helping Startups Use Technology to Grow, Optimize and Secure Their Operations

How CDW Is Helping Startups Use Technology to Grow, Optimize and Secure Their Operations
Here is why having an IT expert to support you benefits today’s technology-driven business operations. 

Technology has long been a key part of many new businesses. However, the pandemic’s impact showed that adopting technology into business operations is essential for firm survival and success. 

In such a situation, business owners must rise to be responsible digital leaders who proactively explore the effectiveness of information technology in their organizational management and implement it to be more responsive to the needs of customers, optimize their goods and services, and quickly adapt to changing market trends.

A recent survey shows that digital leaders are twice as influential as competitors at building customer trust, 3.5 times more effective at boosting profits, four times more effective in improving operational efficiency and five times faster at launching new products or services.

Conversely, only 40 percent of businesses in Canada can claim to be digital leaders. 

The Company Meeting Small Businesses’ Requirements

Managed service providers (MSPs) like CDW help small businesses become digital leaders by drawing on decades of experience assisting businesses to digitize, optimize and secure their operations.

CDW Canada is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. Established in 2003, CDW Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of CDW Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with multinational capabilities based in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

With more than 900 coworkers in nine offices across the country, CDW Canada helps customers achieve their goals by delivering integrated technology solutions and services that include security, cloud, data centre, networking, collaboration and digital transformation.

CDW Canada reduces the risk, cost and complexity of procuring, deploying and integrating technology internationally. By combining local knowledge with true expertise in international logistics, they deliver consistent, service-driven solutions to their local and international customers.

How CDW Is Helping Startups Use Technology to Grow, Optimize and Secure Their Operations

Resolving the Small Business Technology Requirements 

According to Statistics Canada, more than 80 percent of Canadian enterprises have adopted industry-specific software and moved some of their activities to the cloud, while nearly 90 percent have implemented a company-wide computer network. 

In the present day, a majority of small businesses are cloud-based. In such a scenario, the question is, do they have the in-house expertise to manage all their cloud-based infrastructure and applications? 

With their technological solutions, CDW helps startups digitally transform their operations or incorporate technology from the ground up. Through their endpoint/asset management, device optimization, and security compliance, CDW can help improve the digital performance of small businesses. 

  • Endpoint/Asset Management

Endpoint/asset management is important for startups with a remote workforce and, by extension, assets spread across dozens or hundreds of devices. 

CDW helps startups at this stage by not only overseeing the deployment of devices from leading manufacturers such as Dell, Logitech and Epson, but ongoing asset management through services such as asset tagging and mobile device management.

Endpoint security assessments and next-generation IT tools are designed to keep your organization’s and customers’ data secure and compliant.

  • Device Optimization

The requirements of a startup with 10 employees are very different from the needs of a startup with 100, or more than 500 employees. 

CDW supports the growth of startups by helping them choose collaboration hardware and software from vendors like Team Viewer and Poly to ensure their businesses run smoothly, optimizing them over time as their needs change. 

For example, many startups are born in the cloud, but at a certain stage, it becomes more economically viable to install an on-premises system and, ultimately, a hybrid model. CDW can help startups reduce their storage costs by conducting regular cloud assessments and advising when it’s time to change their data storage practices while providing hardware like Aruba Instant On networking solutions for small businesses.

  • Security Compliance

According to CDW Canada’s 2022 Security Study, 90 percent of Canadian organizations reported being victims of a cyberattack last year, regardless of size, industry or location, with the average organization facing 419 attacks and security incidents. 

CDW supports the prevention of such incidents by helping startups identify their vulnerabilities through penetration testing, prepare a response plan with help from their risk advisory services and incorporate cybersecurity software from providers such as Proofpoint and Okta into their operations.

How CDW Is Helping Startups Use Technology to Grow, Optimize and Secure Their Operations

Despite the statistics showing that nearly 100,000 businesses are founded annually, the number of startups that fail is close to 90,000. CDW works to change this staggering figure by helping them manage, optimize and secure the technology they need to succeed, thereby assisting startups in ensuring they’re built for success and growth.

CDW and its partners have the hardware, services and expertise startups need to succeed in today’s digitally powered economy. CDW’s dedicated small business team can help you achieve your goals and establish long-term technology solutions to sustain growth. To learn more about their services, visit  

As cloud operations and remote workforce become cheaper ways of running businesses, small businesses should focus on digital solutions that help streamline their operations. To read more on these topics, subscribe to CanadianSME Small Business Magazine For the latest updates, visit our Twitter page at @canadian_sme. 

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