How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Display Technologies to Transform Their Small Businesses in Canada

Private: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Display Technologies to Transform Their Small Businesses in Canada

In the past couple of years, digital transformation has been constantly talked about at the business forefront. And all of it was for a pretty good reason. The way companies have been leveraging innovative new technologies to improve operations and performance, and significantly reduce costs, has been tremendous.

Small businesses have faced quite a wrath of the pandemic in the past two years. Some of them had to shut down, while a lot of others are finding it hard every day to cope with the changes.  It is imperative for all businesses to accept technological advancements to provide their customers with an improved service line. Remote work has become the new normal. And therefore, businesses are looking for solutions to communicate effectively with their employees as well as customers.

In this article, we will explore the ways by which Samsung Canada is offering a variety of transformative digital display solutions for small businesses in Canada. The technology giant aims at helping small enterprises in leveraging modern technology to be able to serve their customers and employees in a better way.

Using Display Technologies for Effective Marketing

For small businesses, Samsung Canada has tried to innovate the business processes. Be it for effective customer communication or employee management, with their digital display solutions, small businesses can now improve their workflow in a much better manner. With real-time updates to regular promotions, businesses spanning the hospitality, retail and the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industries are all set to see their growth in a new light.

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Essential Digital Display Solutions for Small Businesses by Samsung Canada

For businesses, there’s no one size fits all. From retail to hospitality, each one of them has its own needs and goals. They have different processes of managing their employees, be it from the office or home. While for the restaurants, it has become more important to effectively communicate their offerings to the customers and entice them in new ways. To make things easier for them, Samsung Canada has a range of digital display products which can help small businesses meet their needs better.

1.  Samsung Business TV: The innovative display of this television can engage the customers with eye-catching visuals. This new range in particular is for all the restaurants, shopping complexes, retail stores, salons, and for all consumer-facing businesses. Samsung claims to have created this to help such businesses with innovative and high-impact commercial signage displays, clubbed with advanced TV technology. These have more than 100 preloaded templates which businesses can use to attract the eyes of their customers. Samsung Business TV also aims at cutting down on the traditional marketing costs by allowing businesses to update their services from their phones, without having to print the menus or promotional copies for the same.


2. Samsung Kiosk: This one’s created for all kinds of small businesses and aims at offering a space-saving and compact design in order to cater to their employee and customer needs. Basically, the Samsung Kiosk curtails the one-to-one interactions with the customers, while still providing them with an enhanced customer service experience. This works pretty well in the remote work system where everybody is working from a different place, but with one single goal, i.e., to promote the brand. Also, entrepreneurs, with the help of this technology, can streamline the management remotely and can diagnose & solve business-related issues more efficiently with just a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

3. Samsung Interactive Display Flip 3.0: Gone are the days when office meetings were all about gathering in a conference room. Now, everything is virtual. With more people working from home, virtual meetings have become the new normal. Here comes the Samsung Interactive Display Flip 3.0 which makes sharing notes, working on new ideas, presenting plans, and collaborating as a team easier than ever before. With 4K UHD picture quality, this technology has the ability to sync personal devices with real-time content. Also, any changes made are clearly visible to all the users.

Samsung, being one of the major technology giants worldwide, is continuously evolving to help businesses in each and every industry adapt to changes and accept the new normal for the better. Digital display solutions by Samsung Canada are one such innovative solution which aims at enhancing the experiences of not only the small businesses but also of their customers.

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