How Innovate BC Is Helping Entrepreneurs In British Columbia

Innovate BC

There are a lot of resources in British Columbia to help business owners succeed and grow. With innovation being the key to success for any entrepreneur, it’s becoming harder and harder for business owners to come up with innovative ideas and to protect them as their own. This is where Innovate BC steps in. Having access to resources and market opportunities is not always obvious so Innovate BC makes it easy for all entrepreneurs. By making resources available and creating market opportunities for entrepreneurs, Innovate BC is speeding up growth and success for companies in British Columbia.

The Vision

Innovate BC supports the growth and the application of progressive and innovative technologies that meet the need of industries in British Columbia. With a population of just over 4 million, the need to be innovative and meet the requests of entrepreneurs to have high-end technologies is on high demand, which is why Innovate BC is there to help all business owners succeed. Their vision is to have a strong and growing innovative economy. Therefore, they have partnered up with different organisations to deliver programs and initiatives that promote company growth that will ultimately create jobs and increase the revenue and economic development in the province of BC.

Their Values

Innovate BC focuses on four core values that inspire them every day to do better and help entrepreneurs in British Columbia grow and succeed: collaboration, results, integrity and entrepreneurial.

  • Collaboration:By collaborating with partners to create programs and encouraging initiatives that help entrepreneurs grow, Innovate BC is contributing to the success of businesses in British Columbia. They also team up with the different organisation to promote the commercialization of technology.
  • Results: Innovate BC measures the success of their programs and activities through the accomplishments of results that are valued by investors and clients. To guarantee that the results fulfill their mandate, Innovate BC monitors regularly their programs and services with their partners and clients. By doing so, they are ensuring that the outcomes are successful and that there are no discrepancies.
  • Integrity: Protecting their integrity is of the highest importance for Innovate BC, which is why they constantly ensure that they’re following fair and transparent methods in all their activities. By doing so, Innovate BC is promising to meet the highest standards of integrity that is expected by the government of British Columbia and its habitants.
  • Entrepreneurial: Innovate BC encourages an entrepreneurial spirit among those starting their business in BC, therefore, they are also devoted to work with the same entrepreneurial spirit. Being a small agency gives them the chance to put creativity and originality at the head of their operations.

How Innovate BC Helps

Innovate BC provides several programs for entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. By partnering up with academic, government and industry organisations, they are able to deliver programs, initiatives and events that support technology entrepreneurs and help accelerate the growth of businesses. Innovate BC provides resources, funds, and programs that can help business owners grow and succeed. They can offer up to $300,000 in funding to aid entrepreneurs to conduct research that can help them commercialize their technologies. With programs such as BC Tech Solutions, Venture Acceleration Program, AVAP and Tech Works, Innovate BC is giving entrepreneurs every opportunity possible to grow and succeed.

How Innovate BC is providing opportunities in British Columbia and elsewhere

By partnering up with respectable organizations that have strong values and are committed to contributing towards the growth of businesses in British Columbia, Innovate BC is creating opportunities for technology enterprises to grow their business not just within BC, but outside its borders as well. They also have the support of key industry events which helps them a great deal when it comes to spreading the word that British Columbia is the world-class destination for international companies to work and invest in.

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