Improve Your Business Practices: 5 HR RESOLUTIONS FOR 2020

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RYAN WOZNIAK, Senior Vice President of Legal and Operations at Peninsula

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The world of work is always evolving, from new trends and practices to useful resources that can help your business run smoother. The start of a new decade is the perfect time to set new goals and targets for your business, and there are more resources available to business owners than ever before. For those looking to improve their business, from freeing time to employing better HR practices, here are five resolutions to make in 2020.

Delegate and outsource One of the biggest struggles small business owners face is not having enough time for everything.

Employers and managers lose valuable time and energy on a multitude of small but necessary tasks, like administrative work when they could have been focusing on business development instead.

Outsourcing is a great way to cut costs and save time. Instead of struggling with a task yourself or paying a full-time employee, you can get professional results faster by outsourcing a project. Outsourcing an administrative function, like HR, is an affordable way for employers and managers to ensure they are complying with employment and human rights laws, taking good care of their team and protecting their business. This is a great option that allows small businesses who cannot employ an HR worker or department to still benefit from the function.

Hire employees that will fit and stay with the company

A resume can be a good indication of a job candidate’s past accomplishments, but it doesn’t give a good idea of their potential. For this reason, many recruiters also evaluate applicants’ personalities and goals to determine whether they align with the company’s vision. Beyond understanding their job duties, candidates should be made aware at the outset of their employment of the business’s plans and how it might evolve in the future. Choose candidates who want to work for your company specifically rather than those who are simply seeking the position. Employees who enjoy their workplace are more motivated to produce better work. Furthermore, workers who get along with their team contribute to high morale and engagement, improving retention rates.

However, good recruitment goes beyond hiring for culture. While hiring a candidate that you feel will integrate well into the social culture may lead to great working relationships, it may also lead to a homogenous workforce that lacks a diversity of perspectives and ideas.

Foster inclusivity If your business is lacking innovation and is experiencing stagnation, giving opportunities to a greater talent pool will enrich your business. A diverse workforce benefits from multiple points of view and different talents while minimizing unintended bias. Additionally, employers must be aware of laws that protect the rights of job candidates. Discrimination based on the protected grounds in human rights legislation is against the law. As a best practice, avoid discriminatory implications in job postings. Examples to avoid include references to age such as “young and enthusiastic” and gender pronouns.

As a manager, championing an inclusive culture will also prevent common workplace concerns such as harassment and bullying. Emphasizing inclusivity will demonstrate that everyone is welcome in the workplace and that negative behavior is not tolerated.

Make use of technology Technology can automate certain processes and make others more efficient, saving you lots of time and allowing for faster growth. For example, HR software can help employers more easily create and administer employee shift schedules, track employee work hours and vacation time, and keep their employment documentation organized all in one place. Automating repetitive tasks is also a benefit to your workforce, as more varied and less mundane work will keep employees more engaged and productive.

Review your policies and procedures Some workplace documentation, such as workplace harassment and violence policies, are legally required to be reviewed regularly. As legislation changes, other documentation will need to be updated as well for the business to stay compliant with the law. For example, cannabis edibles were legalized this past fall. Employers should ensure their existing drug and alcohol policies are updated to take cannabis edibles into account.

As legislation continues to change in the New Year it is important to stay up to date to ensure your business is compliant and protected. Business owners who are unsure of how to interpret and apply legislative changes to their business should consult professional advisors.

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