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Infostrux was established in 2021 with the goal of being North America’s fastest-growing data-focused Service Integrator (SI). In their first year of business, they became Snowflake Premier Services Partners, and in less than 18 months, they became Snowflake Elite Services Partners. As one of Snowflake’s top strategic service partners in North America, they currently run the largest Snowflake practice in Canada. Many members of the Infostrux team have spent the previous ten years assisting businesses in North America with the adoption of cloud-native technologies, the transformation of their IT infrastructure, and the promotion of innovation. They have established one of the largest Snowflake-focused practices in North America, with over 50 Snowflake certifications, and are increasing by applying their skills to the world of data and Snowflake.

Services Provided by Infostrux for data-driven businesses

Infostrux offers services to meet the demands of contemporary data-driven businesses. They include data engineering, data architecture, data modelling, data integration, data science, and continuing maintenance for the Snowflake data pipelines through managed services. Infostrux enables customers to collect data from various business units and implement top-notch data architecture and data engineering processes to prepare them for advanced analytics, such as AI and ML, using Snowflake’s cutting-edge data cloud platform.

Assisting a Large Number of Businesses

Infostrux assists businesses of all sizes in setting up and using Snowflake. With clients from a range of industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare & life sciences, gaming & entertainment, retail, hospitality, and many more, they have successfully architected and deployed a variety of cloud-based data-centric workloads and environments.

TriNimbus a Global Success Story

The majority of Infostrux’s leadership team successfully collaborated to create TriNimbus, one of the largest services partners for AWS in Canada. TriNimbus then joined forces with Onica, and the combined business grew to become the most successful and largest AWS practice in North America before being sold to Rackspace at the end of 2019. They are taking their knowledge and experience to the world of data and Snowflake with Infostrux.

Data Expertise Served Hot

They have a distinctive approach to dealing with corporate data difficulties as a result of their extensive experience with the Data Cloud. Their experience with data engineering and analytics, developing cloud-native solutions, and combining this knowledge with in-depth knowledge of Snowflake has made it possible to support businesses in their data-centric transformation.

The company was a finalist at the CanadianSME National Business Awards, 2022, which was held on May 5th, 2023, at the prestigious Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 

Visit their website here: to learn more about their data and cloud services.

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