Jelly Academy Partners with Black Business Association of B.C. to Provide Skills Training

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April 21, 2022 – [Vancouver, B.C.] Digital Marketing program, Jelly Academy, is partnering with the Black Business Association of B.C. to award 10 individuals skills and business development funding to enroll in their program for the year of 2022. The funding will cover the costs of the Jelly Academy digital marketing course, helping businesses learn the skills needed to meet the demands of marketing in the digital age. This partnership is an exciting opportunity to uplift B.C.’s Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

Jelly Academy offers a 6 Week Course that provides students with the foundational skills needed to succeed within digital marketing. Graduates of the course leave with 11 industry-recognized micro-credentials, which is the highest credential count for one given digital marketing bootcamp in Canada. The hope of this partnership is to make this program accessible to BBABC’s members in order to assist with the growth of Black-owned businesses digitally.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with the Black Business Association of B.C. to assist more Black entrepreneurs get the industry recognized micro-credentials that are needed to boost their business goals via digital marketing. It is incredible to see the growth in digital marketing over the past few years, and there is a need to have more experts in the field. As we look to get the next generation of digital marketers equipped with the much-needed skills, it is important that we ensure Black businesses and entrepreneurs are prioritized in these efforts.” – Darian Kovacs, Jelly Academy Founder.

BBABC is an organization that provides support and services to Black owned businesses and entrepreneurs in BC. BBABC connects their community of small businesses with resources, programs, services, and tools that allow for the businesses to achieve growth and sustainability through the changing financial landscape of the province. Jelly Academy was a natural fit with BBABC for a partnership as the program will provide BBABC community members with the digital marketing toolkit that will play a part in maintaining, and accelerating business growth.

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“We are excited to partner with Jelly Academy,  to offer their Digital Marketing program to our members. Our most recent digital needs assessment survey found that 90% of respondents identified the adoption of digital marketing tools would benefit their business. By reducing the cost barrier, we directly support Black owned businesses in accessing the tools they need to remain sustainable.” – Nerissa Allen, President and CEO of the BBABC.

Digital marketing skills have been widely in demand across Canada, with a 48% increase in job postings from 2020 – November 2021. With this partnership, this will allow for small Black-owned businesses to bring these roles in-house and meet the current digital needs.

Both Jelly Academy and BBABC are looking forward to what success this partnership will bring, and the momentum it will generate. It is pertinent at this time to continue offering relevant resources, and tools to assist in the success of Black-owned business and entrepreneurship, and Jelly Academy hopes this funding will play a role in continuing this development.

More about Jelly Academy

Jelly Academy was created by marketing industry expert and Indigenous business owner, Darian Kovacs, in order to have a course that provided the foundation in digital marketing. The course is taught by other industry professionals who provide clear understanding in online marketing topics such as social media, PR, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads. Learn more about Jelly Academy here.

More About Black Business Association of B.C.

Black Business Association of B.C. offers services and resources for small Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs across the province. The association plays a role in connecting businesses with the appropriate means to scale and experience growth within their field. BBABC puts a large emphasis on providing services that elevate their business communities and assisting them sustainably thrive during the global pandemic. Learn more about BBABC here.

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