Josh Shteiman’s Bold Career Move to Build a New Legacy

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 Josh Shteiman, VP of Development Operations for Platinum Vista

For our next segment, we interviewed Josh Shteiman, the VP of Development Operations for Platinum Vista. Shteiman talks about the vision and mission of his company and what he aims to achieve with Platinum Vista. Additionally, Shteiman discusses the hurdles of the unpredictable Canadian market for someone hoping to take an entrepreneurial leap.

Please share your compelling journey from graduating from Schulich School of Business to the VP of Development Operations for Platinum Vista.

When I graduated from Schulich School of Business, I launched an experiential marketing company with a close friend and we were fortunate to land major clients such as Rogers and Coca Cola. Alongside this business, I kept up my passions for construction and development greatly influenced by my father, Boris Shteiman, who is a widely respected ​developer and general contractor. He also founded Kadima Group in 1980, a Canadian construction company with international experience.

In the early 2010s, I ventured into my first major real estate project with my father, building the Q Loft on Queen West. It was a challenging but rewarding project. It opened my eyes to an exciting industry that my family has long been involved in. I loved how multi-faceted a career in development could be and this matched my personality well. You can wear many different hats and every day will be different from the next, whereas I found that marketing was grounded in the same daily routine. When it was time for this project to go to market in 2010​, I made the bold, permanent career change and sold the marketing agency to establish a new path. Alongside my partner John, I launched Towncore Developments which is known for developing exceptionally beautiful modern homes and commercial projects across Toronto, such as 8 Cumberland (in partnership with Great Gulf and Phantom) and Annex Townhomes.

In 2015, I also took on the role of VP of Development Operations for Platinum Vista, a new development company as a fusion between two minds: my father Boris and Hunter Milborne (known as the ‘Dean of Condos’).

What was the inspiration behind the vision of Platinum Vista? What are you hoping to accomplish through this company?

Boris and Hunter coming together as the lead principals for Platinum Vista seemed like a natural fit. There was no one better in real estate sales and marketing than Hunter. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, he understands what any given buyer is looking for and maximizes efficacy and design. On the other hand, Boris leads the construction piece as a structural engineer by trade and more than 40 years in general contracting. Through my experience, I’ve developed acute knowledge and appreciation for the planning side of things. The three of us fused together with a strong mix of specialties that created a force in development. Platinum Vista has worked on many successful projects since its foundation. As a crown jewel and labor of love, perhaps the most notable are No. 7 Dale – one of Toronto’s few ultra-luxury boutique residences in the heart of Rosedale in partnership with best-in-class Canadian talent Siamak Hariri (Hariri Pontarini Architects), Alessandro Munge (Studio Munge) and Janet Rosenberg (Janet Rosenberg & Studio).

At Platinum Vista, we pride ourselves on finding urban sites to launch projects that are exceptionally unique – those that will stand in contrast to the common glass tower.

We are not married to low-rise or high-rise projects; we aim to push the boundaries of construction and design to form truly amazing projects that each positively contribute to their community. We hope that for many years to come, we are able to leave this lasting impression.

What Does the Word ‘Entrepreneur’ Mean to You?

I would define an entrepreneur as someone who isn’t afraid to take risks and deliberately accepts those risks in order to pursue innovation through passion.

When taking this entrepreneurial leap, what challenges did you face in leaving behind a successful marketing agency to follow your passion? And how did you overcome them?

While there are sure risks with the entrepreneurial leap I took leaving behind the marketing agency, it was early into my career and I had the confidence to pursue my passions. In my 20s, I may have been naive of the risks that came with a major career change; however, this worked in my favor because looking at where I am today, I can certainly say it was the right move.

It would have been the easy choice to keep a role in an industry I didn’t truly love, safely maintaining a strong steady income, but it is not just about money – it is about challenging yourself to find meaning in work that stimulates you both mentally and emotionally.

What is your key advice for all the young entrepreneurs across the field during these challenging times?

Analyze everything – listen and learn as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I was fortunate enough to receive teachings from my family early on, but I also constantly sought out opportunities to further educate myself. Even when you think you’ve mastered something, there is always room to learn. I can look back over the last 10 years and pride myself on what I’ve accomplished, but I know I have a lot more in me to give, and I can’t wait to see where my career takes me.

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