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Are you a young and aspiring entrepreneur? Do you feel like you got bright ideas that need to be brought to life? Whichever the case may be, you would want to link up with other ambitious minds and get connected to success — there’s no doubt that two heads are way better than one!

If you take a look at today’s fast-paced digital age, you will find that it’s unlikely to keep up with the marketing opportunities while relying on one’s agility. The scope for innovation is huge right now — the vision of the IOT has even grown from smart appliances to smart cities.

So what’s the point?

For young entrepreneurs and other bright minds to rise to these bigger challenges, they’ll need to collaborate in new ways and learn newer things.

This is precisely where LAB B comes into play. As an incubator and skills development space, LAB B brings together young founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovative creatives with the aim of helping them go from an idea to the execution. Moreover, this startup incubator supports bright ideas, provides great skill development opportunities and workspace where millennials can sit and work towards their success. It’s all about collaborative working and tons of peer support.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.Steve JobsApple co-founder

How Existing and New Start-ups are Benefiting From LAB B Facilities

For starters, LAB B provides services that are aimed at incubating and activating the huge potential of Brampton’s founders and innovators. The funky and colorful laboratory in downtown Brampton gives aspiring minds the opportunity to enjoy free desk space coupled with the company of ambitious peers. For the most part, several different start-ups have benefited from the amazing services and facilities offered by LAB Brampton — it’s a place where diverse careers complement each other.

Essentially, LAB B provides business modeling, prototyping and MVP, brand development, capital and most importantly, community and workspace. Startups have been benefiting from this space, and they have great results to show — app company Collabinate and tech education business Spark Education have roots in the funky laboratory.

Harpreet Singh, the founder of LAB B, says, “This is community ownership,” “It’s not my space. I’m trying to create a cycle.”

The cycle Singh is referring to is a constant turnover of innovative young intellects learning from experienced and successful business people. As this young creative’s mature, they will then share their knowledge with the new generation of aspiring business minds.

New start-ups will get to hang around inspiring workspace desks where they can share ideas with other business and artistic minds. The good thing is, you’ll get to meet incredibly motivated and helpful people including mentors, investors, expert advisors, investors, customers and other hustlers. Moreover, space is bright and sure to induce creativity and aid productivity.

For the most part, LAB B offers Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee, mailing address, access to printer and copier, access to kitchenette and more. The available community resources are also priceless. The best part? It’s free and open to all.

How LAB B’s Events Can Benefit Start-Ups and Small Businesses?

It’s also good to know that LAB B hosts several different events that can impact you with the seasoned knowledge to grow and manage your small business. For the most part, LAB B has hosted up to 77 events ranging from product launches to community events to talks and workshops. Among other past events, one that really helped start-ups and small businesses in Brampton is The Jump to Entrepreneurship. The event talked about the transition from employment to the life of entrepreneurship. It also discussed how to finance your startup and survive the first six months — there’s no doubt that previous attendees got just about everything they needed to make the most of entrepreneurial life.

Speaking of events, LAB B also has an upcoming event entrepreneurs wouldn’t want to miss this December. It’s titled Accounting for Business and scheduled for 5 December 2017. The event will host Steven Pitucci and Daniel Breez, both of whom are accountants from the public accounting industry. Start-ups and small businesses will get to have a better understanding of various topics including Payroll, HST, Invoicing, Record Keeping for CRA, Business Registration, Bookkeeping to name a few. All questions will be answered regardless of its complexity or simplicity!

The best part? You can also get in touch if you need space to host your event — LAB B will take care of everything for you!

What You Need to Know About LAB B’s Co-Working Space

Looking to enjoy unlimited coffee, free Wi-Fi and a host of other amazing benefits? Just join the Co-working space.

For the most part, LAB B offers Free Drop-in Desks, Dedicated Desks, Private Office and Virtual Office. They also offer Space Rental, and you can also choose to book a Meeting Room. It’s important to note Free Drop-in Desks are entirely free. However, the other spaces come with reasonable payment plans — for instance, the Dedicated Desks feature monthly and yearly options, so it’s up to you to choose what works for your startup or small business.

Be sure to visit the site to learn more about their co-working space.

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