Maayan Ziv: Empowering People with Disabilities to Claim Their Space

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It’s often not very common to find people with traits like grit and resolve to take the challenges that life throws at them head-on. And it’s even rarer that you find these traits in someone with a disability, a burning desire to change the world as we see it. But that’s exactly who we are about to discuss in this article. 

This is a story of a woman with resilience, a woman of honour and dignity, a woman bearing the torch to guide millions of others like her, a woman who has shown the world her worth. It’s none other than Maayan Ziv, the founder of AccessNow. An innovative answer to the problems of thousands suffering from different disabilities like her but still not ready to give up. 

Awe-inspiring and Transformative Mission

An awe-inspiring woman who dedicated her life to transforming the world into a more inclusive and accessible place for people with disabilities. Her journey signifies unwavering bravery, boundless persistence, and unrelenting determination. As someone with Muscular Dystrophy, Maayan has confronted countless obstacles throughout her life. But instead of surrendering to defeat, she drew upon her frustrations as fuel to ignite change and created AccessNow, a groundbreaking mobile app that has empowered individuals with disabilities to live more independently than ever before.

Maayan’s mission to foster a more equitable world has inspired countless individuals around the globe. She is a shining example of the power of one person to make a profound difference. Through AccessNow, Maayan has galvanized a movement of inclusivity, inviting individuals of all abilities to contribute to her platform. As the CEO of AccessNow, Maayan has revolutionized the conversation about accessibility, shifting the world’s perspective to recognize the importance of accessible technology, infrastructure, public policy, media, and communications. Maayan is a true trailblazer who has devoted her life to improving the lives of people of all abilities, and her impact on the world will be felt for generations to come.

Breaking Down Barriers

Maayan’s inspiration for AccessNow came from her experience of struggling to navigate inaccessible places. She realized that there was a lack of accessibility information available to people with disabilities, which motivated her to act. AccessNow is a powerful tool that connects people with ratings, insight, and information on the accessibility features and status of businesses and experiences in over 30 countries. The app is fueled by a crowdsourced model that engages a global community to contribute to a more inclusive and accessible world.

Maayan’s work with AccessNow has broken down barriers and created opportunities for people with disabilities to participate fully in their communities. The app has been instrumental in raising awareness about accessibility issues and encouraging businesses and organizations to become more inclusive. Maayan’s tireless efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities, and her work continues to inspire others to create positive change in their communities.

An Inspirational Leader

Maayan is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an inspirational leader who is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. She is a trailblazer for change, and her commitment to accessibility has made her an influential public speaker often featured in the media. Maayan collaborates with private sector companies, government, and not-for-profit organizations to promote accessibility in all areas of society.

Maayan’s story is an inspiration to all who face challenges in their lives. Her determination, passion, and commitment to creating a more accessible world have significantly impacted the lives of people with disabilities. She has shown that with hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to making a difference, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. 

Join the Movement

Maayan’s work with AccessNow has created a global movement for inclusion, inviting people of all abilities to contribute to the platform. Her company’s flagship app is a powerful tool for creating change, and its success is due in large part to the dedicated community of contributors who are passionate about making the world a more accessible place.

As the CEO of AccessNow, Maayan has emerged as a powerful voice for accessibility, shining a light on the importance of accessible technology, infrastructure, public policy, media, and communications. Her work has had a profound impact on the world, empowering individuals with disabilities to overcome obstacles and live life on their own terms. 

Through AccessNow, Maayan has created an international revolution for inclusivity, inviting people of all abilities to contribute to her platform and help make the world a more accessible and accommodating place for everyone. 

Unwavering Commitment to Win

Maayan’s unwavering commitment to her mission is truly out of the ordinary and spectacular. Her story demonstrates the transformative power of a single individual to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless others. Through her work with AccessNow, she has created a more accessible and inclusive world, one that recognizes the inherent value and dignity of every human being. Her work reminds us that true progress comes not from what we achieve for ourselves but from what we do for others. She is a true hero, and her story is one that will continue to inspire and uplift us all.

Maayan’s remarkable achievements are a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. Her story reminds us that we all have the capacity to create positive change in the world and that our challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and transformation. 

By dedicating her life to the pursuit of accessibility and inclusivity, Maayan Ziv has left an indelible mark on the world, and her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. 

Are you inspired by Maayan’s unrelenting work and want to contribute to changing the world? Are you interested in learning more about her progress or innovation in the direction of helping people with disabilities and making their lives simpler? Why don’t you make the difference happen one step at a time by joining her movement and becoming an active advocate of inclusivity and equity for all? Is this even possible, you ask? Of course, it is. Visit AccessNow’s official website to learn more about this wonderful initiative at and

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