MangoVisa: An Immigration Startup With A Mission

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MangoVisa is a tech startup where immigrants access the best legal justice and representation. They imagine a world where you can belong anywhere and have that transition be a beautiful experience. 

They are bridging the gap between the geographical challenges of community building and designing tech solutions for the future of immigration.

They understand that finding immigration information can be confusing and, in the worst-case scenario, ruin your experience as an international student when you don’t have critical visa information on time, which can even lead to deportation.

MangoVisa is an immigration expert who helps you immediately find an immigration lawyer, advisor, or consultant when searching for immigration help. They have designed their portal to help you search for the best representation.

Along with immigration assistance, MangoVisa offers a range of free resources, including the Free Budgeting Tool and 3-Step Job Guide that can help you navigate the immigration process. 

  1. Free Budgeting Tool

MangoVisa makes it easy to prepare for all the expenses of your student life. It is the first-ever foreign student financial budget sheet.

Self-Confidence and Financial Independence as a student are crucial. They need to watch every dollar and avoid getting surprised with financial issues, which can be distracting and unpleasant. 

Especially while living in a new country, all changes to the day-to-day finances come. While in a foreign country, things usually paid for at home are sometimes given away or discounted, and vice versa.

For this reason, MangoVisa offers an excel sheet with Pre-Filled Formulas and Tax Projections. These pre-prepared budget templates for students studying in the USA or Canada include all the things they will need to think about financing while living in the country.

It gives realistic expectations about the expenditures for each semester for food, transportation, lodging, healthcare, entertainment and a whole bunch of other things, like sending funds back home to help you better plan your money.

  1. 3-Step Job Guide

The three-step job guide by MangoVisa include 

  • Download 10+ Canadian/US-style resume templates and edits for job types like customer service, social media/marketing assistant, web developer, bank teller, retail supervisor, IT technician and software engineer. 
  • Learn how the hiring process works. In Canada and the US, there is a template to follow, like not including photos on your resume and never including age, marital status, or passport information. Take care to use easy-to-read fonts, keep your resume to one page only and Include the skills you’ve learned in college/university. 
  • Applying for the job is the third step. Start applying for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, or the company career pages. You can ask other international students to introduce them to their employers and professors to review your resume. The last resource to visit is your college or university job portal. 

MangoVisa helps you find your best Immigration experts for all your Immigration needs and queries. They have designed their portal to help you connect with the right people who can help guide you through immigration.

MangoVisa is building an online community for international students to connect, learn, and explore resources. To know more about their services, visit their website at

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