Mary’s Brigadeiro: Sharing Happiness in Chocolate

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Mary’s Brigadeiro is a black woman-led company that was founded in 2015 by Mary Oliveira. When Mary immigrated from Brazil to Canada, she decided to introduce a new experience in loving Chocolate through her handcrafted chocolate creations and her culture to North America.

Mary’s Brigadeiro is the first Toronto-based chocolate crafting business exclusively dedicated to a Brazilian-style chocolate experience. Over the years, Mary’s Brigadeiro Handcrafted Chocolate has grown to become one of the top destinations in Toronto for chocolate lovers. They were selected as one of the “Top 3” chocolate shops in the city by the Toronto Star. 

Mary’s Brigadeiro uses only fresh, simple, and real ingredients. They make their chocolates from scratch, using only the finest and freshest ingredients to prepare each chocolate that is finely crafted and hand-rolled to perfection. 

They ensure to use only fair trade chocolate in their recipes, as well as pure cocoa powder and natural covers such as dry fruits, natural spices, nuts, and chocolate sprinkles, to give a new chocolate experience through their Brazilian traditions.

They always create new and seasonal chocolate masterpieces at their flagship chocolate store. 

The Brazilian Delicacy 

Mary grew up in Sao Paulo, where she discovered her passion for chocolate and brigadeiros in a small kitchen alongside her mother, Dona Branca. Her mother taught Mary her family’s recipes, techniques, and how much love for great food contributes to the quality and experience of the final result. 

In Brazil, the Brigadeiro (BRE-GA-DE-RO) is synonymous with happiness as they are always enjoyed among friends and family and shared in moments of fun and much laughter, bringing joy. 

Brigadeiro comprises premium chocolate up to 50% cacao, pure cocoa powder, top-quality real butter, and sweetened condensed milk, bringing an ideal balance of sweetness. These components must be cooked and combined at a specific temperature and time to create the brigadeiro. 

When the mixture is cold, their crew hand-rolls each one into fine sprinkles. The key to a flawless Brigadeiro is its texture, which resembles a creamy truffle but is also chewy like caramel and rich like fudge.

Nowadays, brigadeiro is prepared with sophisticated ingredients at specialized chocolate boutiques around the country. 

Bringing Dreams to Reality

As a young immigrant to Canada with her partner, Mary started her entrepreneurial journey on her own in December 2014. Today, she leads an ever-growing team of Brigadeiro enthusiasts who love great, handcrafted chocolates.

Mary Oliveira created Mary’s Brigadeiro with the goal of achieving her dream of sharing moments of happiness, joy, and fun with the rest of the globe through her chocolate creations through the vast multicultural influence of Canada.

Mary’s Brigadeiro believes in supporting the local community as much as possible, and they do their best to use high-quality ingredients sourced directly from local producers.

Preparing Mary’s brigadeiro is all about time, temperature, and passion. Their Chocolate Brigadeiros are made in small batches with love and care in their Flagship Chocolate store.

Each handcrafted brigadeiro is individually hand-rolled to perfection and carefully packaged by their team of chocolate heroes.

Mary’s Brigadeiro’s chocolate stores are located in the East End of Toronto, where customers can watch them produce their Brigadeiros all day long in their open-concept kitchen.

Customers can walk into their physical store to buy their products or place their special order online for local delivery, shipping, or a safe and quick pick-up in-store. 

Mary’s Brigadeiro always creates new and seasonal chocolate masterpieces at their flagship chocolate store. For more information, visit their website at

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