Melisa Ellis: Creating An Inclusive Digital Industry 

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Melisa Ellis is a digital transformation strategist and the founder of Nobellum. In her role as a strategic technology enthusiast, she is passionate about impacting change through innovation and project management.

Growing As A Leader 

In 2014, Melisa Ellis graduated with honors from the University of Toronto with a Hon. Bachelor of Arts. She had pursued a double major in law and history, where she developed an interest in African studies, which turned into her minor.

She then joined Humber College for project management certification in 2017. Here, she got the opportunity to develop and implement project management principles according to PMBOK standards for cost analysis, scope, risk assessment, and schedule management. 

In 2018, when she joined the Sheridan College Institute of Technology for her Software Engineering Diploma, Melisa was trained to apply real-life solutions to real-life problems as a computer systems technician at Sheridan. 

With the knowledge and experience gained from all this learning and training, Melisa Ellis has grown to become a standout member of the tech industry in Canada. She is a leader, engineer, co-author, and advocate for change. 

In 2020, Melisa founded her company, Nobellum Enterprise, a STEM economic development program, cutting-edge app, and social impact organization.

Handling Many Roles 

Melisa has had the opportunity to work for several companies where she provided leadership and guidance throughout business transitions into the digital space and corporate-wide adoptions of progressive technologies. 

During her time at the University of Toronto, Melisa discovered the importance of becoming involved outside the classroom. In her four-year career, she held several positions in the Department of Student Life and the Scarborough Campus Student Union.

To date, one of her most noteworthy projects is when Melisa supervised the technical implementation of a multi-million dollar robotics facility that manufactures digital billboard signs for Media Resources Inc.

Melisa is a lecturer at various educational institutions and a frequent panelist, handling topics such as entrepreneurship, young career growth, and information technology. 

She is currently co-authoring a book about female entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs just starting out. In addition, she is a keynote speaker at the upcoming World Diversity in Leadership Conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in June, alongside many worldwide luminaries. 

Technological Enterprise 

Nobellum is a non-profit social and technology enterprise dedicated to creating a space in the technology industry for Black founders in STEM to enhance diversity and inclusion. They are a group of Black and Indigenous individuals of color who believe that now is the time to break into the tech industry.

Nobellum is working toward diversifying the tech industry to mirror the diverse demographics of its actual users. Realizing that entrepreneurship is a crucial component of achieving economic equality, they have developed a tech ecosystem that utilizes a circular economy to support future leaders in building wealth.

With a purpose to connect, innovate, and fund, Nobellum envisions creating a safe space for Black youths in tech and entrepreneurship. They are collaborating to develop an ecosystem that will usher in a new era of Black-owned businesses in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

As a space where tech meets non-tech, their mandate is to launch at least 100 Black-owned startups in STEM by 2025. 

Under Melisa’s leadership, Nobellum has partnered with the University of Toronto in a unique 5-year partnership to accelerate and support the growth of a sustainable ecosystem that transforms how business is conducted in the Black community. 

Nobellum is a network of professionals building a social enterprise to inspire socio-economic growth in the Black digital community.

Melisa Ellis works with her clients to build innovative projects for their businesses. For more information, visit her website at

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