Message To Women Entrepreneurs By Natalie Doyle Oldfield On International Women’s Day

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Natalie Doyle Oldfield – President · ‎Success Through Trust Inc.

Natalie Doyle Oldfield advises business owners and leaders on how to increase customer trust, customer focus, loyalty, and increases revenue through a proprietary scientifically based framework.

She is the author of The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It and President of Success Through Trust. Five times Natalie has been named one of the world’s Top Thought Leaders in Trust by Trust Across America. In 2021 she was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Trust Across America. Other lifetime honorees include Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks, and authors Charles Green and Stephen M.R. Covey.

Based on the science of how customers decide to trust, Success Through Trust has developed programs for companies to achieve business growth objectives including growing sales, building

customer-focused cultures, building high-performing trusted advisors and high-performance teams, improving customer experiences and loyalty. Programs include customized presentations, leadership cohorts, a proprietary diagnostic that quantifies trust called The Client Trust Index™ and a digital online training course called Becoming a Trusted Advisor.

In 2020, Natalie was invited to join an International Trust Council along with author Stephen M. R. Covey and Randy Conley of The Ken Blanchard Group. She is the only Canadian on this prestigious

11-member council. Her Building and Protecting Trust Model© is part of the curriculum of the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, Dalhousie University MBA program, and Quadriga

University Berlin, Germany, MBA program and is included in the communications textbook, Joy. It is also published in an e-book called “Best Trust Models” (Next Decade, 2019). Natalie writes business

articles for publications including Forbes.

Natalie holds a Masters in Communications and Public Relations, a Certificate in Management (Georgia Institute of Technology), a Bachelor of Public Relations, and a Bachelor of Arts. Her graduate

studies focused on How Organizations Build and Measure Trust with Stakeholders. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband and their two children.

You can have the best product but your business won’t succeed without customers. Customers buy from companies they trust. Without trust, there is no sale. Everyone in your company has a part to play in the customer’s decision to buy from you. Trust is a learned skill. Everyone in your company needs to acquire it.

Without trust, you won’t be able to build loyalty, engagement, or advocacy with your team, customers, suppliers, or stakeholders. And in a virtual world, trust is paramount. Business owners and women who master this skill will emerge from the pandemic with a significant competitive advantage.

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