Mustafa Sisters: The Founders of Sabreen Cosmetics

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Sabreen Cosmetics is on a mission to provide clean, luxurious beauty products that inspire women to delight in the unapologetic freedom of being themselves. Saliah, Najiyyah, and Kareemah Mustafa developed the brand to provide the greatest luxury cosmetic goods.

They launched Sabreen Cosmetics as a safe, non-toxic, luxury cosmetics brand after being deeply impacted by the passing of their aunt Nabeehah Sabreen. Saliah, Kareemah, and Najiyyah honor their aunt and continue celebrating her life by inspiring other women to live a life full of elegance, wellness, and luxury.

From these thoughts, they had the idea to launch a beauty brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality or safety while representing Black women and women of colour in the luxury beauty space. Each Mustafa sister brings their unique perspective and skills to the Sabreen Cosmetics brand. 

The Mustafa sisters have a defined division of responsibilities in this sisterhood partnership, which ensures strategic management and efficient operations at Sabreen Cosmetics.

As CEO, Saliah manages daily management choices and implements the brand’s short- and long-term goals. She also contributes her research and development talents to creating and curating their best-selling products.

Kareemah is the COO, heading the company’s marketing, public relations, and business development projects. She employs her creative and marketing abilities to create new concepts that assist the organization in increasing brand awareness.

Najiyyah, the company’s CCO, combines her understanding of fashion, consumer trends, and beauty to keep the brand relevant in the shifting beauty environment and her logistics and supply chain management skills to ensure that production and inventory operate smoothly.

Ethical In Each Step

The sisters were raised to value family and education and to have a strong work ethic, which continues to play a unique role in their business’s success. During their R&D phase, they found in an EWG report that 75% of cosmetics products marketed to Black women were potentially harmful. 

The report has further inspired them to curate clean, luxury, and sustainable beauty products that are safe for their consumers and the earth while maintaining performance, efficacy, and quality. In addition to the lack of quality products, society has historically instructed women to fit into stereotypical identities that often project limits and glass ceilings. 

Gaining insights from all these, they decided to take on the path of entrepreneurship and positively impact the world. As entrepreneurs, they utilize their knowledge and creativity to fill gaps in the beauty industry for their patrons. While honoring their aunt and building a legacy brand, they strive to develop their business to pass it down to future generations.

Their goal is to be an inspirational and aspirational brand for women to transcend stereotypes and glass ceilings on their terms. They formulate their products as clean, luxury, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. Their bespoke products are handcrafted with custom formulations developed with high-performance ingredients safe for you and the planet.

The Mustafa sisters envision Sabreen Cosmetics as the global destination for luxury beauty curated for women now and in the future. They believe all women should live on their own terms and defy limits. 

They hope that Sabreen Cosmetics can catalyze the conversation around what unapologetic women look like today and how we can make space for them.

Sabreen Cosmetics inspires women to live life on their terms and aims to be a source of inspiration and aspiration for being unapologetic. To learn more about their products, visit their website at

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