My Big Idea: A Visionary Approach to Building Appreciative Company Cultures

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It is evident from experience that, if learned and practiced, gratitude can suffice you for a lifetime’s success. And that’s precisely what Michele Bailey has been teaching through example. This editorial will briefly touch on the major milestones of the entrepreneurial journey of Michele Bailey and, more importantly, why she’s been recognized as CanadianSME’s Entrepreneur of the Week. 

Michele Bailey is the Founder & CEO of My Big Idea and is known for her visionary approach to building successful companies and workplace cultures. With over 25 years of experience in the strategic marketing communications industry, Michele has become a champion of women in business, a leader in fostering community and gratitude in the workplace, and a driving force in helping clients achieve exceptional marketing results through awesome cultures.

Her story is about perseverance, determination, and a commitment to creating a company culture that puts people first. As an entrepreneur in business leadership, Michele has made it her mission to help companies build an efficient work culture that drives exceptional marketing. Her approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the importance of fostering relationships, showing gratitude, and supporting one another. Michele’s passion for building strong communities has earned her international recognition as a champion of women in business and a respected leader in her industry.

Building Grateful Company Cultures Through My Big Idea

Michele bases her method on the idea that gratitude is a currency that helps people feel more connected to one another and to their larger goals in life. With her patented My Big Idea® methodology, she guides businesses in creating fantastic cultures that fuel great branding. Michele’s clients benefit from increased engagement, cooperation, productivity, and revenue because of her efforts to promote a culture of thankfulness in the workplace. 

Getting Through Obstacles and Building Community

Michele’s success as a businesswoman was not without struggle. It was no easy task to change deeply rooted conventional corporate cultures while raising a young family. Michele, however, relied on her network for support and strove to create the same collegial atmosphere at her company. As a result of her efforts to cultivate open and appreciative connections from the inside out, her brand and culture agency is thriving and dedicated to the success of its staff members.

Champion of Women in Business Movement, Recognized on a Global Scale

Michele has become a national and worldwide icon for her relentless advocacy on behalf of women in business, thanks to her extraordinary drive and foresight. Michele serves as the international representative on the WPO Board of Directors, having been instrumental in establishing the first Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) branch in Canada. The TIAW World of Difference 100 Award, Oakville’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the WBE Leader Award are just a few of the honours she’s received for her work advancing women in business.

Michele Bailey’s dedication to community and purpose is reflected in her big-picture strategy for cultivating appreciative workplace environments via her firm, My Big Idea. Michele has been a pioneer in the movement to encourage workplace thankfulness and an inspiration to women in business, and she is committed to doing all that she can to help others achieve remarkable marketing success by cultivating amazing company cultures.

Michele’s journey as a woman entrepreneur, overcoming challenges and prioritizing the well-being and growth of her employees, is an inspiration to others. Through her leadership, Michele continues to empower and inspire individuals and companies to prioritize gratitude and camaraderie in the workplace, ultimately leading to greater success and happiness for all involved.

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