Nova Scotia’s Wayfinder is making serious waves throughout the international maritime industry

Nova Scotia’s Wayfinder is making serious waves throughout the international maritime industry

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Halifax-based iNav4u is getting some serious global attention since its January launch of Wayfinder, the world’s first primary navigational system for boats.

Wayfinder is an automated situational awareness system which actively and continuously monitors data coming from a boat’s existing onboard electronic instruments or multifunctional display and combines it with artificial intelligence (AI).

The Wayfinder system sends real-time notifications, alerts, and alarms to any compatible smart device, phone, monitor or on-board touch screen or display.

“After years of development, we finally released Wayfinder this January and the uptake has been amazing,” says iNav4u CEO Olivier Hendrikx. “We’ve had orders from around the world from boat operators, owners and captains from Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and the United States.”

Wayfinder is a made-in-Canada system modelled on modern aircraft flight systems, gathers and computes data into meaningful information with real-time notifications, alerts, alarms, voice prompts, and suggestions for course of action or improvement.

Just recently, Rod Stright, a retired senior member of the Canadian Coast Guard and a career seafarer who has spent decades in the industry joined iNav4U as the company’s Canadian Ambassador.

“My entire career was dedicated to promoting and teaching safety and ensuring operators of ships and small vessels are prepared for everything they’ll run into on the high seas,” says Stright. “I believe Wayfinder will be a game changer when it comes to safe and efficient vessel operations. Situational awareness on board is vital to any safe voyage. Wayfinder can help deliver that no matter what size of vessel you’re on or what voyage you have planned.”

Wayfinder is the enterprise application for boats. One single system to monitor everything on your boat at a glance.

“We’re already exceeding sales expectations and the response from boaters on just about every continent and ocean has been amazing,” adds Hendrikx. “This is a Canadian made technology developed with the experience and wisdom that comes with living on the East Coast, and especially Nova Scotia – where maritime innovation thrives.”

iNav4u’s Wayfinder is making boating smarter, safer and simpler for captains and crew so they can spend more time enjoying the experience and less time watching and monitoring for worrisome changes in conditions.

To learn more about Wayfinder – Check out this video featuring Iain and Brioni Cameron from the YouTube Channel Red Seas – The couple has had Wayfinder on their boat for the last year and are ready to show you around the system and demonstrate what it can do.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Wayfinder – simply visit:

Olivier Hendrikx is available to speak with media about this Canadian-made technology – simply contact Brenda Robson now at 902 669 1831 or

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