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One37 facilitates the interchange of reusable, trusted data between users and service providers to usher in the next phase of digital transformation, allowing enterprises to be Web3-Ready in 24 hours or less.

One37’s Web3 Enablement platform enables the business ecosystem to engage and personalize clear value propositions for consumers who are champions of their private and verified data.

They are a fast-paced, dynamic, and multi-disciplined team creating a one-of-a-kind solution to enhance mobility for industries such as travel, healthcare, education, financial services, insurance, smart cities, and telecommunication.

Named after the numerical enigma, 137, the fine structure constant, they are a diverse team with a shared passion for designing a digital identity for an era of online self-sovereignty.

They are on a mission to lay a foundation of trust that enables the exchange of reusable trusted data amongst people, devices, and service providers. 


Web3-enabled solutions solve common business challenges. For example, the one37 Platform offers businesses secure and frictionless access to services, eliminates repetitive customer input, and reduces the volume of collected and centrally retained customer data.

Their Identity Platform for the Enterprise reassures your business with maximum security and minimum effort by:  

Validate And Authenticate Employees And Customers

  • Identity-based authentication with on-device biometrics
  • All consumer’s data remains in their digital wallet
  • Integrate with your existing IAM in no time

Create And Publish Workflows In Minutes

  • Create custom ‘no-code’ workflows
  • Acquire and license workflows in store
  • Build new business processes in minutes

Prevent Fraud And Compliance Issues

  • Just-in-time, reusable KYC & on-device biometrics
  • No more social engineering
  • Reduce compliance with consent management

Create New Revenue Streams

  • Passive revenue from usage of issued credentials
  • Refer customers to partners with no API integration
  • Connect to new customers who already have our wallet


One37 provides businesses with the platform and necessary tools to make them Web3-Ready. That means allowing them to issue and accept verifiable credentials and to do so while ensuring, above all, a great customer experience with all the security guarantees and compliance with applicable privacy and regulatory policies.

Their range of products offers a comprehensive suite of next-generation digital identity and credential verification capabilities.

  1. Advanced Digital Identity Wallet

It is your private vault and super app in one. Digital identity wallets provide the ability to store and manage personal data records, aka verifiable credentials. These wallets go beyond securely storing digital certificates to managing connections to exchange data with individuals or businesses. For example, the One37 Wallet enables users to acquire, store and share essential documents and records such as an ID card, a driver’s license, a passport, a college degree, insurance policies, and more.

  1. Business Connector

Business Connector offers verifiable data integration to businesses’ processes. The robust One37 Business Connector unlocks the reuse of verifiable credentials to business applications, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and trust of data without any added burden or lengthy form-filling.

  1. Design Studio

Design Studio is the business agent and workflow management portal. The One37 Design Studio allows businesses to build and publish their Web3-Ready business processes and the schemas of verifiable credentials they can issue. This tool is a fundamental building block for growing the digital economy of verifiable credentials. It allows users to discover how and where to obtain credentials and businesses to leverage credentials in automating their processes or monetizing them.

  1. Enhanced AuthSuite

Verifiable credential-based authentication elevates your login process’s security and user experience to new levels. There is no need to sign up before signing in, as usernames, passwords, and online accounts are a thing of the past.

  1. Workflow and Business Marketplace

The Web3 distributed application model has the potential to significantly increase efficiency and reduce the cost of building and managing business application systems.


One37’s team of AI, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), cryptography, and cybersecurity experts is uniquely qualified to build the One37 Platform and leverage several technologies such as biometrics, AI, self-sovereign identity, Web3, and blockchain. 

The Sole Woman

Fadwa Mohanna is the founder and CEO of One37 ID. She started her career as the only female telecom site engineer, installing the first telecom towers and infrastructure in North African villages and cities, driving hundreds of kilometers every day, and climbing towers to connect people in remote areas, villages, and cities to provide everyone with the fundamental human right to communicate.

As someone who has traveled extensively, she knows how difficult it is to prove your identity and obtain the necessary documentation to work and travel. This prompted her to reconsider digital identification to overcome its current constraints and make everyone’s life easier.

Her decision to become an entrepreneur sprang from her firm belief that the larger the problem you solve, the greater the impact of your work and the more lives you may touch.

The One37 Web Store helps businesses realize their potential by allowing independent developers and businesses to publish and license various Web3 building blocks such as verifiable credential schemas, smart contracts, business workflows, and other libraries.

One37 delivers the building blocks of Web3, providing the highest level of security and privacy for businesses and consumers. For more information, visit their website at

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