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Founded by Michael Colangelo, FoxDen Consults is a boutique consulting firm  servicing businesses across diverse industries, specializing in start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. With over three decades of entrepreneurial experience in building start-ups from the ground up, across Canada, the United States, and Mexico, FoxDen understands what it means to have skin in the game, including the mistakes. The team at FoxDen provides entrepreneurs the assistance they need at every stage of their business journey, from the initial concept development to growing the business after opening day and beyond.

As an accomplished visionary leader, Michael brings over 30 years of diversified entrepreneurial experience as a creator of various business concepts over the years, having operated businesses in six different industries, in both national and international markets.

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Michael is a highly skilled business owner who is constantly researching best business practices to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase productivity. He constantly offers innovative and creative solutions to various types of operational challenges, along with strategic and well planned roll-outs focused on project completions within targeted budgets and timelines. Most importantly he is a constant motivator with excellent communication, networking, leadership, and organizational skills, from which he earns the respect and support from all team members.

With a proven entrepreneurial track record of successfully navigating diverse industries, Michael leads all FoxDen Consults projects with a forward-thinking vision, ensuring clients embark on a trajectory of sustained success and long term growth.

“The only thing we know for certain, is what we don’t know.

So never be afraid to ask questions, as that is the only way to learn and grow!” – Michael Colangelo, Founder, FoxDen Consults.

How FoxDen can Help

FoxDen helps entrepreneurs navigate every stage of their business journey and has created a proprietary roadmap to business success consisting of the following 7-Consulting Pillars:

  1. Concept & Brand Development
  2. Startup & Corporate Planning
  3. Admin & Accounting
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Human Resources & Staffing
  6. Business Operations
  7. Public Relations & Advertising

Whether it be a start-up or a business celebrating its 10th anniversary, all entrepreneurs can always use a second set of eyes when trying to solve a business problem, or an experienced sounding board to flush out new ideas. The team at FoxDen is here to help!

Always wanted to be an Entrepreneur?

It requires an unwavering commitment, a lot of hard work, and a bit of luck! If you have all those then in the words of Sir Winston Churchill who once said; “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail”, it’s now time to get started on creating your Business Plan. It is vital to document all of your ideas to help ensure everyone you will need to help make your vision come to life are all on the same page and working towards the same common goal. 

The key to a successful business is to fully understand your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), in other words, what sets you apart from your competition. Hence, you need to know your competition better than you know yourself. Be humble and accept what they can do better so you can improve your offering, then identify what you can do better, but most importantly find your USP!  

The team at FoxDen Consults can help with your concept development including identifying your venture’s true unique selling proposition, while also designing all aspects of your new brand, including its image, voice and overall personality. 

Image Courtesy: FoxDen Consults

Things to Consider when Setting up a Business 

The business setup process can seem daunting to most, but the process should always start with identifying the business structure. For example will there be partners involved or is there only one owner, in turn does it make sense from a tax and personal risk perspective to make it a corporation. The answers to these types of questions will directly impact the structure, which will dictate the legal requirements along with the necessary governmental licenses and permits. 

The team at FoxDen Consults will help guide you through the entire business setup process, from determining your ideal business structure, to ensuring you are compliant with all tax and legal obligations while also identifying what government registrations, licenses and permits are required in order to legally operate.

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? 

Take the first step in doing so and book a complimentary 30-minute “Meet & Greet” consultation with FoxDen Consults by clicking HERE. Let’s talk so we can learn more about your entrepreneurial journey and identify your current business pain points. Looking forward to chatting soon! 

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